NEW MDB Release: Beautiful Voices 039 (Acoustic Chill Mix)

MDB - Beautiful Voices 039MDB has released a new mix, his thirty-ninth of the Beautiful Voices series. The new release features a wide variety of artist such as Sleepthief, Hans Zimmer, and ATB. Stay tuned for a review.

Full Track Listing

1. Harland – Here In The Dark (Acoustic Mix)
2. Secret Garden – Prayer (Original Version)
3. Whirl And Mayer – Heaven Above (Sunrise Mix)
4. Andy Duguid feat. Julie Thompson – White Sands (Original Version)
5. Imogen Heap – The Moment I Said It (Original Version)
6. V-Sag feat. Alexandra McKay – Feather (Eternal Love Mix)
7. Sleepthief – Eurydice (Unreleased Version)
8. Mike Foyle – Shipwrecked (Chillout Mix)
9. Blank And Jones With Delerium And Rani – Fallen (Chillout Mix)
10. Samantha James – Deep Sunrise (Original Version)
11. Sono – Since You’re Gone (Jean F Cochois Remix)
12. Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules – Mad World (Full Version)
13. Keren Ann – Ending Song (Original Version)
14. Nicos – Secret Love (Original Version)
15. Hans Zimmer feat. Baaba Maal – Still (Black Hawk Down Soundtrack)
16. Vas – Feast Of Silence (Original Version)
17. ATB – Trilogy (The Final Chapter)


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Latest MDB Remix Release: Beautiful Voices 038

MDB - Beautiful Voices 038MDB’s newest release Beautiful Voices 038, features many remix tracks from Adrien Aubrun. Stay tuned for a review.

Full Track Listing

1. Forerunners – Dragonfly (Adrien Aubrun Ambient Mix)
2. Adrien Aubrun – My Last Poem (Original Version)
3. Adrien Aubrun – Not Tomorrow (Tribute To Akira Yamaoka) (Demo Version)
4. Pervading Call – Destiny (Adrien Aubrun Personal Ambient Remix)
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Adrien Aubrun Private Remix)
6. Adrien Aubrun feat. François Dennig – Serenade (Original Version)
7. Saltwater – The Legacy (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
8. Adrien Aubrun – Always The Same Thing (Original Long Version)
9. Adrien Aubrun – Jump Into My Dreams (Original Version)
10. Adrien Aubrun – Timeless Reflexion (Original Version)
11. Binary Finary – 1998 (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
12. Adrien Aubrun – Liberty (Original Version)
13. Adrien Aubrun – Do You Believe In Hope (Original Version)
14. Adrien Aubrun – The Art Of Love (Demo Version)
15. Tiësto – Dallas 4PM (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
16. Adrien Aubrun – I Walk Alone (Original Version)


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New ENIGMA single “The Same Parents” and “Seven Lives Many Faces” DVD now available!

The second single, “The Same Parents” from the new ENIGMA album “Seven Lives Many Faces” is digitally released on worldwide iTunes Stores aiming for radio airplay. “The Same Parents” features lead vocals of Michael Cretu’s sons Nikita and Sebastian. The following explains the origin of the song:

There is a simple, but impressive story behind this song”, says Michael Cretu. One day, one of the Cretu sons came to his father after watching news and asked him: “I don’t understand: Why people are fighting against each other? Many million years ago there were just one mother and one father. At the end, we are all brothers and sisters.” Cretu was really impressed about the simplicity, but also naive profundity of this question, and decided to write a song about it.

Today, the brand new ENIGMA DVD ”Seven Lives Many Faces” has been released worldwide. The new DVD will feature complete videos for each of the songs. Also to be included are videos for the single tracks “Seven Lives” and “La Puerta Del Cielo”. As a bonus, audio comments will be added in German/English and a press pictures gallery package on the release.

The DVD “Seven Lives Many Faces” can be ordered through Amazon at Amazon Germany or at Amazon US.