Latest MDB Remix Release: Beautiful Voices 038

MDB - Beautiful Voices 038MDB’s newest release Beautiful Voices 038, features many remix tracks from Adrien Aubrun. Stay tuned for a review.

Full Track Listing

1. Forerunners – Dragonfly (Adrien Aubrun Ambient Mix)
2. Adrien Aubrun – My Last Poem (Original Version)
3. Adrien Aubrun – Not Tomorrow (Tribute To Akira Yamaoka) (Demo Version)
4. Pervading Call – Destiny (Adrien Aubrun Personal Ambient Remix)
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Adrien Aubrun Private Remix)
6. Adrien Aubrun feat. François Dennig – Serenade (Original Version)
7. Saltwater – The Legacy (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
8. Adrien Aubrun – Always The Same Thing (Original Long Version)
9. Adrien Aubrun – Jump Into My Dreams (Original Version)
10. Adrien Aubrun – Timeless Reflexion (Original Version)
11. Binary Finary – 1998 (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
12. Adrien Aubrun – Liberty (Original Version)
13. Adrien Aubrun – Do You Believe In Hope (Original Version)
14. Adrien Aubrun – The Art Of Love (Demo Version)
15. Tiësto – Dallas 4PM (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
16. Adrien Aubrun – I Walk Alone (Original Version)


Beautiful Voices Mixes – FileFactory Mirror
Beautiful Voices Mixes – Rapidshare Mirror

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