New DJ Find

I stumbled across a new artist earlier today and thought I would share the info.

Deep Z is Zdravko Hristov, a twenty-six year old software engineer from Sliven, Bulgaria and has quite a few series on his website. I’ve listened to his Tribute to Schiller CD01 and really like it. I’m anxious to take listen to his Tribute to Enigma CD01 & CD02 completely, but have listened to a portion of CD01 and it sounds good so far.

I’ve listened to the Lost in Heaven CD08 and it is very fast paced, not really what I’m looking for for an addition to my collection. However, there is also the Mindscapes series and Guest Mixes series that could be some good finds. Stay tuned and we’ll post more info later…
Check it out when you have a chance.

Deep Z Website
Deep Z MySpace site

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