New Release from FauxReveur: Chill Set XVI

FauxReveur - Chill Set XVIFauxReveur has a new release out and based on previous releases, this one should be just as good if not better. Never seems to disappoint me and I look forward to listening.

Full Tracklist

1. Headstrong feat. Shelly Harland – Helpless (Accoustic String Mix)
2. ATB – A rainy Afternoon
3. Keenan & Anderson feat. Tiff Lacey – Runaway (Gorm Sorensen Vocal Mix)
4. Ayurveda Garden – World of Plants / Pflanzenwelt
5. Green Sun – Simplicity
6. Blank & Jones – Summersun
7. Eric Flash & Innovix – Time Flies ( Digital Brothers Chillout Room remix)
8. Shpongle – Around the World in a Tea Daze (Ott Mix)
9. Trance Allstars – Go (Schiller Mix)
10. Sheika – Flavour of Spring
11. Tigerforest – Longing for the Sun (Original Mix)
12. Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Beaumont et Beeman’s Remix)
13. The Ox – Distant Shore
14. Thomas Datt – My Fault (Thomas Datt Remix)


FauxReveur: Chill Set XVI

New Music from Balligomingo

Balligomingo - Under an Endless SkyI stumbled across a post this morning on stating there was a new release from Balligomingo entitled Under an Endless Sky with a release date of Dec 08, 2008. Their MySpace page only has mention that it is coming soon. Amazon is listing a release date of Feb 14, 2009.

For those who are unfamiliar with Balligomingo, their first release was “Beneath the Surface” released in 2002 and features such female vocalists as Kristy Thursk, lead singer for Massive Attack, Jody Quine, and Beverly Staunton. Garrett Schwarz and Vik Levak are the master minds behind the great tracks. Plenty of their songs on YouTube, so take a listen.

Full Tracklist

  1. Spinning
  2. A Beautiful Day
  3. Letting Go
  4. New World
  5. Under an Endless Sky
  6. Sunshine in Rain
  7. Dream Believer
  8. Goodbye
  9. Over You
  10. You’re a Star
  11. La Bonita
  12. Goodbye Remix Bonus Track
  13. Beautiful Day Remix Bonus Track
  14. Dream Believer Remix Bonus Track
  15. Thinking of You Bonus Track

More to post as information becomes available.

New MDB Release Beautiful Voices 41!

MDB latest release in his Beautiful Voices series has been released and is ready for download.

1. Leama & Moor – Waterdrop (Original Mix)
2. Steve Forte Rio feat. Jes – Blossom (Lounge Mix)
3. Sunlounger – Punta Galera (Chillout Mix)
4. Conjure One – Damascus Original Mix)
5. Steven Liquid & Kira B.M.J. – Venezia In Sogno (Chillout Mix)
6. Steve Birch feat. Marcie – Edge Of The Ocean (Update Project Ambient Mix)
7. Dream Lab – Cryogenic Suspension (Marco Torrance’s Filmbient Trip)
8. Sandra – Forgive Me (Chillout Remix)
9. Sunsplorer – Winter (Original Mix)
10. V-Sag feat. Alexandra McKay – Feather (Underwater Mix)
11. Sensorica – Sunlight Again (Original Mix)
12. Schiller feat. Jael – Tired (Album Version)
13. Reuben Halsey feat. Miranda Dickinson – Running Home
(Prereleased Version For Beautiful Voices Radio Show)
14. Ambysphere – End Of Sunrise (Original Version)
15. Hemstock & Jennings – Mirage Of Hope (Chilled Mix)
16. Oceanlab – Satellite (Bren-F’s Orchestral Rework)
17. Offer Nissim feat. Maya – All The World (Original Version)

Beautiful Voices Mixes – FileFactory Mirror
Beautiful Voices Mixes – Rapidshare Mirror

New MDB Mix Available Jan 19th!

MDB will have a new release ready for download on Jan 19th. A few of the artist featured will include Sunlounger, Ambysphere, Oceanlab, and a few of my favorites Sandra, Conjure One, and Schiller. For those that are unfamiliar with Sandra, she is the wife of Micheal Cretu of Enigma and is featured on many of the Enigma CD’s.

New Artist Find – Australis

I recently stumbled across a new artist who may be of interest to those following my blog. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to the full tracks, however, based on the snippets, I believe they have great potential.

Australis’ debut album “Lifegiving”, released in May 2005 has been a favorite in several online radio stations and also earned the Morpheus Music’s “2004 Best New and Independent Artist” award in January 2005.

Full Tracklist
1. Lifegiving
2. Conciliation
3. Turning Point
4. The Sound of Hope
5. Fire Tamer
6. Forbidden Scents
7. The Enchantment
8. Between the Sun and the Moon
9. Barren Lands
10. Sacred Earth

Australis’ second album, “The Gates of Reality” was released in November of 2008.

Full Tracklist
1. The Gates of Reality
2. Return to Tarshish
3. Ephemerage
4. Promises of Light
5. Paqta Kutemunqa
6. Purple Dreams
7. Little Clockmaker
8. Treasure the Moment
9. Illusion of Company
10. The Hoodoo’s Whisper
11. Thresholds of Devotion
12. Momentary Truths
13. Essentia
14. Adventus Sortis

I have found both CD’s to be available on Amazon and iTunes. Will post further opinions on tracks as soon as I receive copies. Stay tuned.

Australis Website
“Lifegiving” on Amazon
“The Gates of Reality” on Amazon