FauxReveur Chilled Beat III

Just finished listening to FauxReveur’s Chilled Beat III and as always not disappointed. Will be downloading the other vols ASAP.

1. En Voice – Hold the Universe (Original Mix)
2. DJ Deraven – Illumination (Original Mix)
3. Night and Day – Silence (Original Mix)
4. Cell – Shiny Girl (Live edit)
5. MinusBlue Feat. Emma Saville – Be as One (Original)
6. DJ shah – Obsession (Original Mix)
7. Moya Brennan – Mothers of the Desert
8. Pianochocolate – Evening Shadow (Original Mix)
9. DJ Tiesto – Sweet Misery
10. Esque – Prayer for Paradise
11. Rising Sun – Himalayas (Original Mix)
12. Bardo State – This is Not America (Chris Coco Mix)
13. Ripple effect – 4 Millions Answers to Nothing (original Mix)
14. Schiller – Schritt der Zeit


New Music Sampled

I recently took the opportunity to download and give a listen to two new releases to add to my collection. The first from Firmament Relax Music Vol 17 runs 55:21 and includes tracks from such artist as DJ Shah, Sunlounger, and Sarah Brightman.
I’ve listened to approximately 40 minutes and most of it is pretty good. The only portion of the release I have found to not be A+ is during Sarah Brightman’s “Captain Nemo”, which seems to contain some variation in the speed of the song at various spots. I look forward to downloading other volumes as I can.

The second, a release from cammiloo Free Your Mind Volume 4, features artist such as De Santos, New Age Kings, Enigmatic Obsession, and Massive Attack. Haven’t had the opportunity to listen yet, but will report as soon as I do.

Visit cammiloo at http://www.myspace.com/cammiloo.

Download Firmament’s Relax Music Vol 17, Part 1
Download Firmament’s Relax Music Vol 17, Part 2

cammiloo’s Free Your Mind Volume 4

New Release from MDB – Beautiful Voices #49

MDB will be releasing his 49th within the Beautiful Voices series sometime this week. Full tracklist can be found below:

1. No Way Back (Original Version)
2. Serenade (Original Version)
3. Moving Clouds (Original Version)
4. Neverending Love (Endless Love Version)
5. Hope (Original Version)
6. Feeling Of Power (Original Version)
7. Destiny (Original Version)
8. Night Out (Original Version)
9. Nightmare (Original Version)
10. Behind The Light (Original Version)
11. Lost (Original Version)
12. Sirens Of The Ocean (Original Version)
13. First Sunrays (Original Version)
14. A New Day (Original Version)
15. Heart Of India (Original Version)
16. Night Train (Original Version)

New Release from MDB

MDB has released his 48th in the Beautiful Voices series.

1. Alexander V. Mogilco – Huangshan (The Great China Mountains)
2. Alexander V. Mogilco – Atlantis Falling
3. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Natalya Al-Ghanem – Rade Sham
4. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Marya – Rainy Eyes
5. Alexander V. Mogilco – Greenland
6. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Silmi – Oceania
7. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Elena Gartman – Mauna Kea
8. Alexander V. Mogilco – La Brise De L’amour
9. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Elena Gartman – Sun
10. Alexander V. Mogilco – Helene (Melody Of Day)
11. Alexander V. Mogilco – UKOK Plateau (In Depths Of Time)
12. Alexander V. Mogilco – Migration To Another Planet (Stephen Hawking Theory)
13. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Jama – MC (Emcee) (New Age Mix)
14. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Natalya Al-Ghanem – OMSK, Siberia
15. Alexander V. Mogilco feat. Silmi – Light In Her Eyes III (8th March Version)

*Compiled, mixed & edited by MDB

Beautiful Voices Mixes – FileFactory Mirror (only mp3 files)
Beautiful Voices CUE – FileFactory Mirror (only cue files)
Beautiful Voices Mixes – Rapidshare Mirror (Rar archives incl. cue and coverarts)