FauxReveur Chilled Beat III

Just finished listening to FauxReveur’s Chilled Beat III and as always not disappointed. Will be downloading the other vols ASAP.

1. En Voice – Hold the Universe (Original Mix)
2. DJ Deraven – Illumination (Original Mix)
3. Night and Day – Silence (Original Mix)
4. Cell – Shiny Girl (Live edit)
5. MinusBlue Feat. Emma Saville – Be as One (Original)
6. DJ shah – Obsession (Original Mix)
7. Moya Brennan – Mothers of the Desert
8. Pianochocolate – Evening Shadow (Original Mix)
9. DJ Tiesto – Sweet Misery
10. Esque – Prayer for Paradise
11. Rising Sun – Himalayas (Original Mix)
12. Bardo State – This is Not America (Chris Coco Mix)
13. Ripple effect – 4 Millions Answers to Nothing (original Mix)
14. Schiller – Schritt der Zeit


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