New Release from Moby – Wait for Me

Moby released his latest CD on Jun 30 and I’ve finally had a chance to give it a listen. It is awesome. Great tracks. Here is a full track list:

1. Division 1:56
2. Pale Horses 3:37
3. Shot in the Back of The Head 3:15
4. Study War 4:18
5. Walk with Me 4:01
6. Stock Radio 0:55
7. Mistake 3:47
8. Scream Pilots 2:48
9. Jltf 1 1:27
10. Jltf 4:40
11. A Seated Night 3:23
12. Wait for Me 4:13
13. Hope Is Gone 3:30
14. Ghost Return 2:38
15. Slow Light 4:00
16. Isolate 3:28

I have read many reviews on the release, and most have said that this is one of his best, if not the best, releases yet. However, I’m not sure how you can say it is one of his best, as Moby’s CDs are usually not one style of music, from electric dance tracks to laidback, relaxing tracks. It also depends on what style YOU are looking for from Moby.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a collection of relaxing, background songs, then this is the CD for you. There are a few upbeat songs, but the majority of the CD is more down tempo.

With this release, Moby has introduced video “blips” for the tracks.

Check them out on Moby’s website.

New Release from FauxReveur – Chill Set XIX

Full Track List

1. Vas – Feast of Silence
2. Workbench – Forbidden Dreams
3. David Holmes and Sarah Cracknell – Gone (Kruger and Dorfmeister Remix)
4. JES – As the Rush Comes (Hamptons Chills Mix)
5. Night Ray – Fint the Trail (Sunset Mix)
6. Push – Strange World (Tranquillo’s Underwater Kingdom Mix)
7. Aerial Presents Avalon 62 – Through Shards of Open Fields
8. e.l.e.m.e.n.t.s. – Beijing (Red Sun)
9. Lustral – Someone (Vox Mix)
10. Michael and Levan – Digital Bird
11. Blank and Jones feat Pet Shop Boys – Loves Comes Quickly
12. LMTQ – YanYan Guitar Atmo
13. Love Spirals Downwards – Sidhe
14. Jonson – Fishsoup
15. After Meridian Feat. Beatriz Arenaz – The Mist (Original Mix)

Download: FauxReveur – Chill Set XIX

All FauxReveur’s Chill Mixes on Rapidshare Folder

Direct Digital Download Info for Balligomingo UAES

I actually have received a direct e-mail from Garrett from Balligomingo to help me out with a download issue. That is awesome. How many artist do you actually get to converse with to help resolve a download problem? HA.

Anyway, it appears that the $7.01 option for direct download from Amazon has expired, BUT they have added the option to direct download from their website at HOWEVER, I just tried to purchase and received a PayPal error. Have an e-mail into Jennifer and hope to hear something soon. I’ll keep you posted.

New Release from Firmament

I’ve recently started downloading and listening to several mixes from Firmament. The latest volume of the Relax Music series, XXV, was released today. I can tell a definite change in progression from the first volumes and the later volumes. The first volumes are lacking much of a transition from track to track, and the track selection didn’t appear to flow very well. However, the later volumes are worth the listen. Give it a try.

Full Tracklist
1.Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenisha – Reasons To Forgive(Piano Mix)
2.Ryan Farish – Pacific Wind
3.Pedro Del Mar and Estigma – Angels In The Dark (Marco Torrance S Filmbient Edit)
4.Envio – Touched By The Sun(Rusch & Elusive’s Chillout Mix)
5.Tenishia – Burning From The Inside (Tenishia Frozen Mix)
6.Kirsty Hawkshaw – Invisible (Kopi Luwak Mix)
7.Gary B – Stronger Love
8.John O’Callaghan – Never Fade Away (Original Mix)
9.Brock Van Wey – Too Little Too Late

Visit the Firmament myspace page.

Download the Relax Music Vol XXV.

NEW Digital Download from Balligomingo

Due to the large number of email requests, Balligomingo is now offering a Digital Download of “Under An Endless Sky” on Amazon which includes lyrics. Check it out.

Working on finding the link to the download. Will post as soon as received,