This just in from Schiller

dear friends,
i am heavily working in the studio, just came out to tell you that we are proud to present a myspace-cooperation: ‘FEATURED ARTIST’.
if you are a dj, you might play at the final schiller-show of next year’s SCHILLER LIVE 2010 tour…details will be announced as soon as the technical circumstances of the show will be clear.
just post your ‘virtual’ playlist on my profile, i will then choose my ‘top ten’.
the last word of course has the myspace community…i am very excited about this event and i am looking forwart to your applications…go ahead and try it…the event ends on midnight, september 2nd…
will head now back to the studio…and by mid september there will be another surprise for you…
best wishes from berlin,
and this is the ‘official communiqué’:
SCHILLER geht wieder auf Tour und sucht den MySpace-Support-DJ. SCHILLER waehlt hierfuer seine 10 Favoriten aus. Gewinnt einen ganz besonderen Performance-Slot !
Bewerbt Euch jetzt, in dem ihr auf einen Kommentar mit Eurer Playlist postet
Das letzte Wort haben die MySpace-Nutzer im Voting, um aus den 10 Favoriten den ersten Feautred Artist der Woche zu waehlen.
Achtung: Die Bewerbungsphase endet kommenden Mittwoch, den 02.09. um 24 Uhr !
Die Welt hat auf Euch gewartet – Nutzt die Chance und zeigt euch!

Still searching…

I haven’t had too much news to post lately, but am always searching for new artist.

However, I have been listening and enjoying David Emonin’s Dreamscape series. Certainly, one of my new favorites. The latest release I have found is Dreamscapes 019 released in November 2008.

Check his MySpace page out or take a listen to some of his releases. Also, find him on YouTube.

Latest Release from cammiloo

cammiloo has release their eighth volume of the Free Your Mind series:

Full Tracklist

01. Bliss – Wish U Were Here (Charles Webster Remix)
02. Kosmopolitans ft Athena – I Belong To You
03. Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008
04. Indigo Sun – You Dont Fool Me
05. Alexander Vogele feat. Jillene Luce – Inner Music
06. Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Omnimotion ft. Krister Linder Remix)
07. Lowland – Children (Original Version)
08. Reunited – Sun Is Shining
09. Hana – Ayume
10. Mystic Diversions – Josephine
11. Scrooge – The Storm (original mix)
12. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Invisible (Kopi Luwka Mix)
13. Jerry Grant – Life Enlightened
14. The River Gods – Forever
15. Camiel – Take Me To This Place
16. Minus Blue – Be As One (Michael E Remix)

Download from cammiloo
Download 2nd location (part1)
Download 2nd location (part2)