Conjure One performing at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig

Conjure One will be performing at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, May 21-25 2010. Exact date and time to be confirmed. New album to be released prior and more European dates are in the works.

A Message from Schiller

dear friends,

sorry for my bad blog-behaviour 😉
have an intense time in the studio, not much space for anything else right now.
i really enjoy creating new music, and i enjoy the upcoming fall very much.
am somehow looking forward to the winter, as it is even nicer to be inside and ‘work’…
will keep you posted, and once again: please forgive me for not being able to write you on a daily base…
thanks for your support,
thanks for your patience…
best wishes from berlin,

New Release from Faux Reveur #20

Faux Reveur has released his 20th within the Chillset Series. A few of the artist featured are Schiller, Silent Voices, and Sinatic.

Full Track List
1. Michael Splint Feat. Sasja – You Set Me Free (Makers Ambient Remix)
2. Gavin and Nox feat. Sinatic – In Your Eyes ( Sinatic Chillout Mix)
3. Schiller feat. Peter Heppner – Dream of You (Chillout Remix)
4. Mark Thornton – Now You See (Chillout Mix)
5. Michael Badal feat.Tiff Lacey – Don’t Be Afraid (Candlelight Remix)
6. Mike Danis – Third World (Original Mix)
7. Next Generation – I Will Find You
8. Rhythm of Mankind and Nature – Feel Water’s Pulse
9. Silent Voices – Time of Passion
10. Orkidea – Beautiful (Ambent Remix)
11. Luca Lombardi, Domenica cascarino feat. Sovve – Too Far
12. Snap! – Rame (Slomo Version)
13. Sinatic – Lost World (Original Mix)
14. Cosmic Gate feat. Jades – Seize the Day

Download: FauxReveur – Chill Set XX
All FauxReveur’s Chill Mixes on Offlinemode server

Latest cammiloo release – Free Your Mind Vol.9

cammiloo has released volume 9 in the Free Your Mind Series.

Full Tracklist
01. Enigma – Sensing The Spheres
02. Sanave – Inuri Kanoo
03. Achillea – Atacame
04. Michel Petit – Hero
05. Mohicans – Deep Spirit Of Native Americans – Riding Storm
06. Anchillea – Shears From Scar
07. Jens Gad – El Momento
08. Dario G – Voices (radio edit)
09. Enigmatic Obsession – Punta Del Este
10. Adiemus – Hymn
11. Martin Böttcher – Die Halbstarken (Ohm-G’s Eviss mix)
12. Safri Duo – Athena
13. Bliss – Stop Me (feat Sophie Barker)
14. Mandrave and Miyagi – Asian Lights
15. Damian Skrzyński – Waiting For It (Part III)

Download from cammiloo site


Download from here (part1)
Download from here (part2)


Rapidshare download

A Word from MDB

Not sure if you have been following along, but one of my favorite DJ’s, MDB, has been out of commission for a while due to sickness.

He just posted the following:

“Hello to all and thanks for your continuous interest to this project!

I am back and fine now, all that i need is few more time to put all the things in order and to select the songs for 5 new mixes: BV 050, SC 006, “…” 001 (a new progressive series) and 2 special sets, one for Cristal Clouds 6th birthday and another one for an new event.

BV radio show will be scheduled starting with monday 14 or 21 september as usual with premieres on DI.FM and sindycated to alot of other great stations.

I will upload BV 049 @ 320 kbps in few days, i need to do a cue and the coverarts first.

Please escuse me because i have not readed yet all the new posts on this forum, but THANK YOU once again for your presence here and for all your support!

Updates will be anounced soon, so keep an eye here my friends smile.gif

New Sleepthief Release!

Just received word of Sleepthief’s latest release “Labyrinthe Heart.”

The full tracklist is as follows:
1. Here I Confess 4:26
2. World Gone Crazy 3:53
3. Skimming Stones 3:48
4. Labyrinthine Heart 4:07
5. A Kind of Magic 4:02
6. A Cut from the Fight 3:50
7. Rainy World 5:10
8. Ariadne (The Dividing Sea) 3:48
9. Reason Why 4:25
10. Fire King 3:28
11. Reversals 4:00
12. There’s Something Going On 4:33

Purchase or download from Amazon.

Also, stay tuned for their new website update at