New Release from FauxReveur – #21

FauxReveur has released there 21st release of the Chill Set release. And it is GREAT! I love Ulrich Schnauss’ “Shine” – awesome tune.

1. Richard Durand – No Way Home
2. Code Indigo – Fallen
3. Nathalie Aprille – Johny Says (Original Mix)
4. Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Nordlight Remix)
5. Deepak Chopra feat Demi Moore – Desire
6. Esona – Twisted Innocence
7. Ingo Herrmann – Silverlights (Original Mix)
8. V.A. – Floating Clouds Sun and Water
9. Dhamika – When Nature Calls
10. Solarstone – Filoselle Skies
11. Campa – Drowned
12. Ulrich Schnauss – Shine
13. Jason Bradberry – Lost (Gorm Sorensen Remix)

Download: FauxReveur – Chill Set XXI

All FauxReveur’s Chill Mixes on Offlinemode server

New Release from cammiloo

It’s been rather slow lately with any new releases. However, somehow, I missed a release from cammiloo. Downloaded this morning and another good release.


01. Damian Skrzyński – Affection
02. Dreamscape – Khamsin (Chill Cut)
03. Roger Sanchez – Lost (Ibizarre’s Unforgotten Mix)
04. Aloft – Mere Mortals
05. Linkin Park – New Divide (Lukas Termena Chillout mix)
06. BK Sisters – Humidity
07. Son Kite – Milion Wishes
08. Rober Manos – First Born Love
09. Infantjoy feat. Sarah Nixey – Ghosts
10. Weekend Players – Angel
11. Lamb – Gabriel
12. The Seven Sense (Behind The Horizon Mix)
13. Venus In Motion – Blue Skies
14. Almadrava – Citylife
15. Bliss – Unanswered Letters


New Release from Solarsoul Shining Sleep Series

I posted earlier about a new find with Solarsoul’s Shining Sleep series. Well, the latest release, number 16, is available for download at:

Filefactory download

Rapidshare download

Alt. Rapidshare download

Letitbit download

Recent production work from Conjure One

Here’s a couple of recent Rhys Fulber production works; mixed the forthcoming album by swiss “deathwave” band Sybreed and produced the new album from canadian jazz bassist, Brandi Disterheft.

New Blog entry from Schiller

dear friends,

i am pleased to announce that we put a new ‘official schiller videocast’ online. this time you can watch an interview which was conducted by jennifer ashcom, a music-fan from america.
it was a very nice experience talking to her about schiller and the long and winding road of inspiration…
enjoy watching…we put it up on, you may also watch it on schiller’s youtube-channel.
have a great weekend and best wishes from berlin,

videocast episode 03 |

This just in from BT!

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::: Every Other Way :::
Well friends and loved ones, here is the moment you’ve been waiting for.
After 7,222 views in around 48 hours, you have earned about 3 min of music based on our Twitter contest rules (500 views=12 seconds).
I am in a generous mood, and well, since the chorus happens almost 5 minutes into the song, here is 6 minutes of Every Other Way.
I must say, there are some huge surprises in this track in the second half. You’ll just have to wait for the album to hear them. Thank you all for the kind words and tweets. What a fun 2 days.
Consider this Tumblr ( ) my official location for album countdown. More to come…soon. Lots more 🙂