New Update from Australis

Dear friends,

Wishing peace and warmth on these special dates, we are happy to share our latest news with you.

On a first note, we have finished a brand new track for our upcoming release. “Windborne touch”, the new material is a fast paced yet uplifting piece that paints a setting where hope and optimism interact with challenge and opposition. You are kindly invited to hear it at the Subscribers section of our website.
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On a second note, we have reduced the price for our two releases on CD Baby. Now, and until the end of the year, you can get “Lifegiving” at $9.50 and “the Gates of Reality” at $10.50. You can visit CD Baby by clicking here.

On a third note, we are posting whole albums on our page on Facebook as a special treat for the holidays! All the tracks from “Lifegiving” have been available during this week. Tomorrow Saturday we’ll post all the tracks from “The Gates of Reality” until next Friday. And finally, the week before Christmas we will post all the new tracks we’ve completed for our upcoming new album. You are kindly invited to visit us on Facebook to enjoy the music.

Finally, please accept our warmest wishes for each one of you and your loved ones on these dates. As our hearts long for peace and understanding all over this tired planet of us, may you find them within yourself and within those you love.



New BT Album Out February 2!

Internationally renowned artist, visionary producer, film composer and technologist BT is back with These Hopeful Machines,
a double-disc opus that carries listeners through 2 hours of sweeping

New Blog Feature – Twitter Tweets!

I’ve added a new feature to the “Diaphaneity Forest” blog – Twitter Tweets! On the right column of the blog, I have added a section that will display the latest tweets from some of my favorite artist. Stay in tune in real time with what’s going on.

New Delerium "Dust in Gravity" Music Video

Delerium has a new music video for “Dust In Gravity“! The video features Kreesha Turner and was directed by Stephen Scott.

Click HERE to watch it!

Don’t forget the “Dust In Gravity” single is now available at iTunes. Click HERE to download it!

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(Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)”




I’m running behind…

It’s been a hectic schedule through the holidays, but we have quite a few new releases to post. I’ve been working on a new site for Diaphaneity Forest and hope to launch soon.

I just download David Emonin’s Dreamscape Vol 22 yesterday. He also has Vol’s 23 and 24 out now. FauxReveur has his Chillset Vol 22 released. Also, David Emonin has started up a new forum at Stop by his forum and register and be part of the beginnings of something new!

One thing I did notice and learn today is that David has mixed in a song from Wendy and Lisa in Dreamscapes titled Fire and Regeneration. I’ve heard the song before, but never knew it was from Wendy and Lisa. I had no idea that Wendy and Lisa were still producing music. For those that aren’t aware of Wendy and Lisa, they collaborated with Prince during the Prince and the Revolution days and the movie “Purple Rain”. Great Movie from many years ago. If you young people haven’t seen it, check it out. I’m anxious to see what other songs they have been doing over the years.

See below for all the latest release details:

David Emonin – Dreamscapes 022
(Global Communication Production Mix)

1. Global Communication – Gamma Phase
2. Global Communication – 14 31
3. Global Communication – Delta Phase
4. Global Communication – Epsilon Phase
5. Global Communication – Rollercoaster
6. Global Communication – 12 18

Download Dreamscapes 022 with Rapidshare

Download Dreamscapes 022 with Filefactory

(Blanck & Jones Production Mix)

1. Blanck & Jones – Balearic Blue
2. Blanck & Jones – Breezin
3. Blanck & Jones – Driftin
4. Blanck & Jones – Watching the Waves
5. Blanck & Jones – Relax
6. Blanck & Jones – Heart of Wax (ft Vanessa Daou)
7. Blanck & Jones – Loneliness (With Bobo)
8. Blanck & Jones – Unknown Treasure
9. Blanck & Jones – Desire
10. Blanck & Jones – Secrets and Lies
11. Blanck & Jones – Counting Clouds
12. Blanck & Jones – Beyond Time

Download Dreamscapes 023 with Rapidshare
Download Dreamscapes 023 with Filefactory

David Emonin – Dreamscapes 024

1. Datar – B (Ambient Mix)
2. Faskil – Clear Mayhem (Ambient Mix)
3. Forerunners – Dragonfly (Adrien Aubrun Ambient Mix)
4. Adrien Aubrun – Jump into My Dreams
5. Krivi – Adriatic
6. Binary Finary – 1998 (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
7. Dinka – Wuthering Heights (Tribute to Enigma Mix)
8. Magdelayna – Back to the Stars (Magdelayna’s Chilldown Mix)
9. Puff Dragon – Qi Gong gem
10. Wendy and Lisa ft Shankar – Fire and Regeneration

Download Dreamscapes 024 with Rapidshare here.
Download Dreamscapes 024 with Filefactory here.

FauxReveur Chillset XXII

1. Steen Thottrup – Sunset People
2. Coastline – Adriatic Sea (Lounge Cafe Chillout del Mar Mix)
3. Cammiloo – Mare Tranquillitatis
4. John o’Callaghan – Never Fade Away
5. Tigerforest – Mojave Mystery
6. Ingo Herrmann – Silverlights (original Mix)
7. Sunsphere – Evergreen
8. Bardo State – Mio Dolore
9. Sine – To the Sky
10. ATB – We Belong
11. Paradise Blue – Ocean of Dreams (Original Mix)
12. Ailo – Chronos
13. Hana – Ayume (Original Mix)
14. Sysyphe – Sinking
15. Tiesto – Battleship Grey

Download: FauxReveur – Chill Set XXII
All FauxReveur’s Chill Mixes on Offlinemode server