New Balligomingo project release

Balligomingo OriginsI posted a little while back about Balligomingo’s latest project released on Oct 11th. The seven digital tracks are downloadable from iTunes, as well as from Amazon and feature two new tracks, “Last Words” and “Wounded”. The remaining tracks are alternative mixes of tracks from “Under an Endless Sky”.

See below for the full tracklist and the links for both stores.

1. Last Words 3:45
2. I Just Tell Myself (Acoustic Mix) 3:23
3. Sunshine in Rain (Acoustic Mix) 3:38
4. A Beautiful Day (Piano Mix) 4:04
5. Dream Believer (Acoustic Mix) 2:41
6. Wounded 2:55
7. You’re a Star (Acoustic Mix) 3:21

Download from Amazon
Download from iTunes

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