New Release from Conjure One

Conjure One’s new album EXILARCH is out for digital download today, October 19th and physically, November 9th (USA) and February (Europe).

Full Tracklist
01. Like Ice (feat. Jaren Cerf)
02. Places That Don’t Exist
03. Zephyr (feat. Jaren Cerf)
04. Nargis (feat. Azam Ali)
05. Nomadic Code
06. Distance (feat. Jaren Cerf)
07. I Dream In Colour (feat. Leah Randi)
08. Existential Exile (feat. Leah Randi)
09. Run For Cover (feat. Free Dominguez)
10. Oligarch
Get it now from iTunes US , iTunes Canada or from your favorite digital music store.

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