MDB’s latest Beautiful Voices 051

MDB - Beautiful Voices 051

MDB is back with his latest release of the Beautiful Voices series. This release includes one of my favorite chill out tracks – BT’s “Every Other Way”. Enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: MDB
Title: Beautiful Voices 051
File size: 172 MB
Length: 01:14:55

Track Info

01. Intro – Voice Overs taken from “Inception”
02. The Dreamline – Excitement (Original Version)
03. Souls In Motion – Sensual Illusion (Balearic Mix)
04. BT feat. Jes – Every Other Way (Hammock Remix)
05. El LCD – Snö Pa Hissingen (CBL Carbonator Remix)
06. Oliver V. – One Day In Paradise (Original Version)
07. Leonhard North – Na Vi (Original Version)
08. Tiero – Childhood (Original Version)
09. Solar Energy – Close To Heaven (Chillout Mix)
10. Solar Fields – Sol (Original Version)
11. Vinid & Vla-D feat. The Great Voices Of Bulgaria – Black & White (Vinid Ambient Mix)
12. Avenger – Spherria (Chillout Mix)
13. Jane Maximova – Skiff (W&D Chill Down Mix)
14. Alex Semy – Promise (Original Chill Mix)
15. Interlude – Voice Overs Taken From “Inception” (Vocals Edited By We Plants Are Happy Plants)
16. Green Sun – Simplicity (Original Version)

* Inspired by the movie “Inception”

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Reintroduction to MDB

MDB really opened a ton of new doors for me in regards to finding new ambient and chillout music. I knew I enjoyed the music of Enigma, Moby, Schiller, etc., and in doing searches on the internet for those artist and more, I stumbled across MDB’s “Beautiful Voices” radio show. Then, with listening to MDB’s shows, I started finding even more DJ’s and artist that I feature here at Arcadian Forest.

Some time last year, MDB had to take a leave of absence from the scene to concentrate on his personal life…and we’re happy to say “He’s Back”! During the leave of absence, his website was mysteriously taken down by the host with no forewarning – not even to MDB. So, he has a new website up and running but is still working on restoring the information and correcting links. Below is a full bio on MDB with links to his website and other sites:

MDB began performing as a Radio DJ in 1995, but the music has interested him since he was 6. MDB’s child toys were tapes and decks. He was impressed by artists such Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk. Also Ben Liebrand influenced him deeply. In 1991 he discovered electronic styles like trance, rave and techno. ( L.A. Style – James Brown Is Dead; Guru Josh – Infinity)

He is also immensely passionate about ambient-chill music. At this time he focused on the soften part of the trance and his new project “Beautiful

Voices” has been a spectacular success.

MDB about himself: “I do not want to insist on me, but on the sets themselves. I don’t intend to compete with any other DJs. I am not interested on being on the 20,000th place in any official DJ list so please:


Instead please offer your appreciation to all the artists found in my sets. Support them by buying their products and voting for them on those DJ lists”

“Beautiful Voices” Project:

“Beautiful Voices” is a downtempo chill series that started in january 2007 and contains different ambient subgenres like: Vocal-Chill, Ambiental-Trance, Balearic, Ethnic-Lounge, New-Age, Space, World…

Starting from october 2007 “Beautiful Voices” was available as a 2 hours bi-monthly radio show. Each episode was mixed by MDB and have a 40 min Guestmix.

Starting from february 2011, Beautiful Voices Radio Show (BVRS) will return on Chillout Dreams Channel and will be produced monthly only (with the premiere on DI FM on the 3rd mondays of the month) but will be back to bi-monthly frequency in short time.

MDB on the Web

Reuben Halsey – "Into the Light" series

Reuben Halsey: Into the Light radioshowI’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t checked out Reuben Halsey’s Into the Light series until recently even though his radio show is featured on the same station as many of my other favorite DJ’s – and it was definitely my loss. I downloaded his special Christmas Mix, and most recently his 72 and 73 episodes and was greatly impressed and happy to have found another artist to add to my mix (no pun intended, or, maybe it was ;-))

I have added Into the Light to the regular Radio Show lineup calendar featured on the main home page.

Check his show out when you have a chance and if you should miss it, I’ll start featuring his mixes here at Arcadian Forest. See below for the download information for his latest episode 73. Enjoy and tschüß!

Release Info

Title: Into the Light episode 73
File Size: 143.4 MB
Length: 59:38
Quality: 320 kbps MP3
Mixed, edited and produced: Reuben Halsey


01. ATB – Autumn Leaves
02. ATB – Wait for your heart
03. Chicane – Sunstroke
04. Ohmna – the Sun’ll Shine (Bali Ambient Mix)
05. Above and Beyond – good for me (Album Version)
06. Jon Hopkins – Light through the veins
07. Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix)
08. Ben Nicky – Special Moment (Gorn Sorensen Chillout Mix)
09. Simmonds and Jones – For a lifetime
10. Reuben Halsey – Interlude 73
11. Safri Duo – Adagio

Zippyshare  (link valid for 21 days only)

Latest from Solarsoul – Shining Sleep 028

Solarsoul - Shining Sleep 028 (Special Mix David Helpling & Jon Jenkins) (2011)Solarsoul has released their 28th episode from the Shining Sleep series. See below for further details regarding the release:

Release Info

Artist: Solarsoul
Title: Shining Sleep Episode 028
Year of Release: 6 Feb 2011
Genre: Ambient, Chillout
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: CBR 256 kbps
Total Time: 02:04:40
Total Size: 228 Mb

Track Info

First Hour
01. Samuel Barber – Adagio For Strings, Op. 11 (Original Track 1936)
02. Alex Frolov – I Love You (Orchestral Version)
03. Alex Frolov – I Walk Alone (Soul Searchers Version)
04. Blue Lagoona Feat. Rainfairy – For A Moment (Sunset Kandi Lounge Mix)
05. Polished Platinum – Don’T Answer Me (Chill Lounge Del Mar Mix)
06. Controlwerk – Destructed Memories (Luke Pn Chill-Out Remix)
07. ID – Moment’s In Love
08. Roger Shah & Signum – Ancient World (Signums Ambitron Orchestral Mix)
09. ID (Zetandel Chill Remix)
10. Signum Feat Antonia Lucas – Gonna Take Time (Original Mix)
11. Karton Featuring Jeff Hann – Walking Into The Unknown
12. Alex Frolov – Make My Dreams Come True
13. ID
14. Iversoon Mark Krupp – Morning Dawn (Mark Krupp Emotional Ambient Mix)
15. ID

Second Hour
01. David Helpling – The Frozen Channel
02. David Helpling – Sticks And Stones
03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Lifted
04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Grand Collisio
05. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Two Paths
06. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – The Crossing
07. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Not Forgotten
08. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Awake
09. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – The First Goodbye
10. David Helpling – Sapna’S Dream
11. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Beyond Words
12. David Helpling – The Knowing
13. David Helpling – Looking For Answers – Library
14. David Helpling – The Train Station
15. David Helpling – The Kiss Still On Her Lips
16. David Helpling – A New Life
17. David Helpling – Emeralds

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Firmament – Above the Clouds Episode 018

Firmament - Above the Clouds 018

Firmament has released their 18th episode from the Above the Clouds series. See below for further details regarding the release:

Release Info

Artist: Firmament
Title: Above the Clouds Episode 018
File size: 109.6 MB
Length: 59:38 min

Track Info

01. Roger Shah & Ross Lara feat Todd Wright – Lay Down (Acoustic Final Mix)
02. Matthew Ryan & Hammock – Like New Year’s Day (Hammock Mix)
03. Nuera feat Szen – Love Lost (Downtempo Mix)
04. Light Source & Union Sense ft DianniQa – Child of Nature (Union Sense Remix)
05. EPICA – From top to down (W&D chill down mix)
06. Cymatics – Awake (Ambient Remix)
07. Dmitry Globa – Fall In Love
08. Nuera feat. Szen – Breathing (Chillout Mix)
09. ID – ID (Zetandel chill rmx)
10. Ultima – High Process
11. Headstrong feat Shelley Harland – Helpless (Acoustic & Strings Chillout Mix)
12. Eastetik – Levitation (Midex Remix)
13. W e s T – The end

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Great time to try out Balligomingo's UAES Origins

With Balligomingo’s new release coming out on Monday, this weekend would be a great time to grab the uaes Origins which was released in Oct 2010. With seven great new renditions of songs included on the Under an Endless Sky release, with piano and acoustic versions, it will make a great addition to your chill collection.  Check it out on iTunes at


1. Last Words 3:45
2. I Just Tell Myself (Acoustic Mix) 3:23
3. Sunshine in Rain (Acoustic Mix) 3:38
4. A Beautiful Day (Piano Mix) 4:04
5. Dream Believer (Acoustic Mix) 2:41
6. Wounded 2:55
7. You’re a Star (Acoustic Mix) 3:21