Way to Eden 40 Special Enigma(tic) Edition from George Mosoh

One of our regularly featured DJ’s, George Mosoh contacted me today and informed me about a special mix he released in 2010 prior to our following his work. A Special Enigma(tic) Edition features one of our frequently highlighted and favorite artists – Enigma. With several of Enigma’s best tracks, this promises to be a great episode.

Release Info

Artist: George Mosoh
Title: Way to Eden 40 Special Enigma(tic) Edition
File size: 135.6 Mb
Length: 59:14 min
Quality: 320 kbps
Recorded: 30 March 2010
Published: 2 April 2010

Track Info

01. The Voice of Enigma
02. Gravity of Love (Radio Edit)
03. Traces (Light And Weight)
04. Shadows in Silence
05. Page of Cups
06. Sitting on the Moon
07. In the Shadow, In the Light
08. Hell’s Heaven
09. Seven Lives
10. Fata Morgana
11. Carly’s Song (Jam & Spoon Remix)
12. The Screen Behind the Mirror
13. The Rivers of Belief
14. Sadeness Part 1 (Spanish Radio Edit)
15. Mea Culpa Part II (Orthodox Mix)
16. Smello Desire
17. Message from IO (Michael Cretu Mix)

Download Information

Download George Mosoh “Special Enigma(tic) Edition”

Visit George Mosoh

Visit Enigma

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