Bryan Milton: Enigmatic Mix 005

Bryan Milton - Enigmatic Mix 005Bryan has released his 5th episode of his Enigmatic mix series.

Sit back, close your eyes and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Bryan Milton
Title: Enigmatic mix 005
File size: 113.1 Mb
Duration: 48:59 min
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Recorded: 28 Jan 2012
Published: 28 Jan 2012

Track Info

01. Tiff Lacey, Vitodito – Forbidden Love (Domenico Cascarino & Luca Lombardi Chillout Remix)
02. Max Vertigo feat. Sevenever – Kochal (Vocal Mix)
03. Chris Wonderful – Dolina slyoz (Original Mix)
04. Eryo & Kay-D – Meridian (Blusoul Break Style Sunrise Remix)
05. Dellife – The Cosmic Game (Andrew Philippov Remix)
06. RIB – The first day (Original Mix)
07. RIB – New life (Original Mix)
08. RIB – New York Farewell (Original Mix)
09. Idenline – Call Me (Original Mix)

Download Information

Download Bryan Milton’s Enigmatic mix 005 episode

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Raphaël Marionneau: Abstrait Radio 34 and 35

Release Information

Title: Abstrait Radio 034
Artist: Raphael Marionneau
Duration: 58:43 min

Track Information

01. Nimbus – Subconsious Mind
02. Healer – Aqua Sleeping
03. Karl Axel Bissler – Laid Back
04. Ulrich Schnauss – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
05. Digitonal – Gone
06. Air – Once Upon A Time
07. Agnes Obel – Just So
08. Archive – Foo!

Release Information

Title: Abstrait Radio 035
Artist: Raphael Marionneau
Duration: 60:13 min

Track Information

01. Jean Michel Jarre – Soul Intrusion
02. James Murray – Colour Has Its Own Language
03. Jonson – Arplayin
04. Gardner – Heaven Touch
05. Karunesh – Ancient Voices
06. Luis Junior – Question
07. Dido – Aria
08. Afterlife – Blue Bar
09. Public Symphony – Wings
10. Gotye – Hearts a Mess
11. Board of Canada – Oscar See Through Red Eyes
12. Blüchel Und Von Deylen – Gymnopedie N 1

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JUST RELEASED: @Amethystium Aurorae EP

Amethystium AuroraeHi,

A brief newsletter this time. The new Amethystium EP is released today, and is available digitally worldwide right now.

More info here:

You can preview the songs from the music player at

And you can purchase the EP from (among others)

This is very much a DIY project again, with no traditional promotion behind the release, so if anyone wants to help out by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. (and maybe writing a review if you like it) that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

Thank you for subscribing, and for the support!


Video of the Day: "Colours" by Emma Hewitt

“Waiting” and “Disarm Yourself” are two of my favorite Dash Berlin songs and both feature Emma Hewitt. Check out her latest track titled “Colours”.

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Evoloop: Vibrational Trip 017

Evoloop Vibrational TripEvoloop has released his 17th episode of the Vibrational Trip series. Looking forward to another great episode.

Release Info

Artist: Evoloop
Title: Vibrational Trip 017
File size: 111.00 Mb
Length:  60:03 min
Quality: 256 kbps
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
Release Date: 16 Jan 2012

Track Info

01. Above & Beyond – Sun and Moon (Paul Hills Sunset 2 Moonrise Mix)
02. Soty – Arctic Wind
03. Alphadelta – Sandcastle (Allende Chillout Mix)
04. Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Andry Meets Schalli @ Monkey Island Remix)
05. First State feat. Sarah Howells – Reverie (First State’s Chillout Mix)
06. Invisible Sounds – A New Age (Original Mix)
07. Otherworld – In Memory of a Person That Never Lived
08. Blank & Jones – Counting Clouds (Sunset Session Remix)
09. Schiller ft Odette Di Maio – Lost
10. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Photosynthesis
11. Ghosts of Paraguay – Piano Piece
12. Betsie Larkin & Rafael Frost – Made of Love (Made with Love Rework)

Streaming Information

Stream from MixCloud
Evoloop  – Vibrational Trip 017

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Evoloop: Vibrational Trip 016

Evoloop Vibrational TripEvoloop has released his 16th episode of the Vibrational Tripseries. Looking forward to another great episode.

Release Info

Artist: Evoloop
Title: Vibrational Trip 016
File size: 110.2 Mb
Length:  60:08 min
Quality: 256 kbps
Sample rate: 44.100 kHz
Release date: 20 Dec 2011

Track Info

01. ATB – Moving Backwards (feat Kate Louise Smith)
02. Ryan Farish – Anthem of Hope 03. Ohmna – The Sun’ll Shine (Bali Ambient mix)
04. Tastexperience – Solo
05. Unknown
06. Tibet Project – Tibet
06. Sonic Adventure Project – Waters In Motion
07. Tenishia with Kirsty Hawkshaw – Falling (Original mix) 08. Above & Beyond – Only a Few Things (feat Zoe Johnston)
09. Emmanuelle Salieri – The Last Moon
10. Unknown
11. Bent – As You Fall (album version)
12. Trentemoller – Miss You 13. Above and Beyond – Eternal

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