George Mosoh: The Way to Eden 135

George MosohGeorge Mosoh has released the 135th episode of his The Way to Eden series featuring an hour long mix from guest DJ John Kitt. John’s real name is  Jan Kryštof and is also a Czech student. Enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: George Mosoh (with John Kitts)
Title: The Way to Eden 135
File size: 139.7 Mb
Duration: 61:04 min
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Recorded:  08 Mar 2012
Published: 13 Mar 2012

Track Info

George Mosoh ft. Valeria Rousseau VS Van – The Way to Eden Intro (Long Awaited Meeting)
01. Hammock – This Kind of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart
02. Melodic Brothers – Hypnose (KiWi’s Original Mix)
03. Max Melvin – My Hands
04. Blank & Jones – Chilled Cream
05. RD Project – Обычная История (Common Story)
06. Гости из Будущего – Через Сотни Лет (Remix 2001)
07. Гости из Будущего – Через Сотни Лет (1997)
08. Lemongrass – Harmony
09. The Sura Quintet – Bahia De Taco
10. Don Gorda Project – Feeling Free
11. Marga Sol – Goodbye (PIANOCHOCOLATE Remix)
12. B.I.G. – Teardrops (Original Mix)
13. Raumzeit – Fatamoragana (Original Mix)

Download Information

Download George Mosoh The Way to Eden 135 (with John Kitts)

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