Firmament: Above the Clouds 031

Firmament has released his 31st episode from the Above the Clouds series.

Sit back, close your eyes and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Firmament
Title: Above the Clouds Episode 031
File size: 137.9 MB
Length: 58:53 min
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Record Date: 10 Jun 2012
Publish Date: 10 Jun 2012

Track Info

  1. Amphix feat Krishan Tanna – Deep Memories (Original Mix)
  2. Solarstone – Swansong (with Hannah Magenta)
  3. Store N Forward – Listen To Life (Masoud Remix)
  4. Vintage & Morelli – Tree Of Life (Magnetik Remix)
  5. Javah Feat. Stacey Mcclean – You And Me (Damien Chillout)
  6. Beauty & The Breakdown, Laplands Gold – Meeting Place (Original Mix)
  7. William Fitzsimmons – Psychasthenia
  8. Solarstone & Betsie Larkin – Where Do We Go from Here
  9. Dinka – Innocence (Original Mix)
  10. Reuben Halsey – Touch the Ground
  11. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto – One More Day (Blugazer Chillout Mix)
  12. The Walton Hoax – Chemical Burn (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

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