Tim Angrave: Chillout Dreams Channel 2 Year Anniversary

DI.FM Chillout Dreams Channel 2 Year AnniversaryTim Angrave has released a special one hour episode in celebration of DI.FM’s two year anniversary of the Chillout Dreams channel. Tim is frequent featured artist on Arcadian Forest and always has a great show.

Release Info

Artist: Tim Angrave
Title: DI.FM 2 Year Anniversary Chillout Marathon
Duration: 59:48 min
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Recorded: 26 Jun 2011

Track Info

01. Art Demoir – Unfinished Dream
02. Art Demoir – Unfinished Awakening
03. Thomas Lemmer – Fatigue (Tim Angrave Remedy Remix)
04. Polished Chrome – So Long
05. SoundCreator – Time to Leave
06. Lemongrass – Magnificent (Tim Angrave Resplendent Remix)
07. David Clavijo – Nowhere
08. Vital feat. Courtney Wachtel – In a Moment
09. Stray Theories – Part Of Me (Tim Angrave Soul Remix)
10. Life Audience – While The Sun Was Sleeping
11. Klangstein – Echtzeit (Tim Angrave Remix)
12. Thomas Lemmer – Is It Too Late (Tim Angrave Hope Remix)
13. Klangstein – One (Tim Angrave Remix)
14. Klangstein – Ganz Leise (Tim Angrave Remix)
15. Thomas Lemmer feat. Lena Belgart – Is It Too late

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