Dave Harrigan Special Chill Session 50

dave-harrigan-special-chill-session-50Dave Harrigan has released the latest episode of his Special Chill Session featuring several great chillout and downtempo tracks from ATB.

Download, sit back and relax with the latest Special Chill Session!

Release Info

Artist: Dave Harrigan
Title: Special Chill Session 50
Duration: 59:34 min
Published: 29 Sep 2013

Track Info

  1. The Sound of Goodbye (Derek Reese Deep Chill Mix – Perpetous Dreamer
  2. Like a Painting (Chillstep Mix) – Derek Reese
  3. ID (R.I.B. Exclusive Chill Mix) – ATB
  4. Innerspace (Harold-Alexis Remix) – Gregory Esayan
  5. The Shore (Re-Mastered) – Mango
  6. Beneath (Original Mix) – Dan Sieg
  7. Lover in the Sea (Chill Out Mix) – One Man Ahead ft. Nikki Saletta
  8. As the Rush Comes (Gabriel Dresden Chill Mix) – Motorcycle
  9. Shattered Memories – Valentina Conte, Fraktali
  10. Distant Earth – ATB
  11. Brick – Andrew bayer ft. alison may
  12. Rift (Kerry Leva Undo Version) – Matt Lange


[mixcloud height=”200″ width=”100%”]http://www.mixcloud.com/tamaspohner/special-chill-session-050/[/mixcloud]

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