Firmament - Halo

Latest Firmament release: Halo (Guest Mix for radio show Before and After the Silence)

Firmament - HaloFirmament has released  a special guest mix for the “Before and After the Silence” radio show featuring tracks from Aly & Fila, York and Twentyeight.

Sit back, close your eyes and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Firmament
Title: Halo (Guest Mix for radio show Before and After the Silence)
File size: 142.7 MB
Length: 62:09 min
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Recorded: 09 Oct 2013
Published: 11 Oct 2013

Track Info

  1. Mother Nature – Aly & Fila
  2. Perception (ShockLine Remix) – NExow
  3. Lovers – Fonz-O
  4. Farewell to the Moon (Digital Elements & Alen Remix) – York
  5. The Light (Fluence Remix) – KieronAGore
  6. Apparitions – Twentyeight
  7. Beating of My Heart (Tranquility Beats Remix) – M-3ox feat. Heidrun
  8. Flight (Original Soundtrack Mix) – Moonbeam
  9. It Is Over (Chillout Mix) – Tom Tyler, M.Pravda, Axelpolo feat. Tom Tyler
  10. Transition (Original Mix) – Artissound
  11. Am I On Your Mind (Vox Mix) – Simmonds & Jones
  12. Station Life (Original Mix) – Melodic Brothers & Bryan Milton
  13. Gitano – Twentyeight
  14. Days to Come (Rucas Piano Version) – Seven Lions


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