Frank Korf - Horizons #17

Latest #chillout release from Frank Korf: Horizons 17

cec4f8ca-9c7f-4c53-9e49-11ec90dc37aeFrank Korf has released the latest episode of his Horizons radio show featuring tracks from various chillout, lounge and electronica artists including Blank & Jones, Chris Zippel and Sonophonic.

Horizons can be heard on every Tuesday at 9pm CET and every Saturday at 3pm CET with a new mix every second week.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: Frank Korf
Title: Horizons 17
Duration: 54:46 min
Published: 18 Oct 2013

Track Info

  1. Lullaby and a Prayer – Shai Agmon
  2. Prado – To Rococo Rot
  3. The Conjuration – Sonophonic
  4. Yin and Yang – No Noise
  5. Song of Freedom – Thierry David
  6. Galaxy Sandpaper – ID3
  7. Hd Archives – Chris Zippel
  8. Gentle Perception – Connect.Ohm
  9. Homesick – Blank & Jones
  10. Rain in Paradise – Guido Negraszus
  11. Black Princess – Leonid Bannikov
  12. Chilled Airwaves – Jason Palmer Presents Balearicwave

Listen Online

[mixcloud height=”200″ width=”100%”][/mixcloud]

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