Reuben Halsey has a new website!

The latest from fellow chill mate, Reuben Halsey!

“Hello dear mailing listers!

I bring you this quick update to let you know that my website has had a major overhaul and that the old mailing list has been replaced with a newer, more easy to manage one.  I kindly ask that you might pop over to and join the new list on the right hand side of the screen.  That way you will continue to receive updates and stay in the loop with everything that’s going on.  The rework of the site is to go hand in hand with the re-launch of Into the light (woohooo!)

There’s also a new facebook page for the show which you can find here:

I still have some things to work out regarding the show but I can tell you that Episode 101 is almost ready to release.  In the mean time the previous 10 episodes are live and streamable on the site and they work on your computer or your phone.

This year I’ll have more time for music and I’ll be bringing a lot more content to you in the form of shows, tunes, news and downloads.

Thanks and keep chilling (unless you’re in North America, in which case, stay warm. What the heck, polar vortex?),


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