Listen to the latest release from FauxReveur: Chill Set 39

Faux Reveur - Chill Set 39

Faux Reveur – Chill Set 39

FauxReveur has released his latest episode from the Chill Set radio show featuring some of the best chillout and downtempo artists including several of my favorite tracks from ATB, BT and Hammock, and Armin Van Buuren!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Release Information

Artist: FauxReveur
Title: Chill Set 39
Total Time: 01:23:33 hr
Published: 04 Mar 2014

Tracklist Information

  1. This Is What It Feels Like (John Ewbank Classical Remix) by Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie
  2. Intuitive Trip by Kusuma Orchestra
  3. Mojave Mystery by Tigerforest
  4. Eternity and a Day (Ambient Mix) byActiva
  5. One Thousand Miles to Moscow (Mystairium Ambiental Mix) byEtasonic
  6. Every Other Way (Hammock Remix) by BT feat. Jes
  7. Misery (Vlad Litvinov Acoustic Mix) by Litagoria, Gloria
  8. Everything Is Wrong by ATB
  9. Lost Pearl by Robien M
  10. Flashback (DJ Shy Presents Outerspace Remix) by Lionpride
  11. In Music by Nacho Sotomayor
  12. Moonrise on the Beach (Vokoss Ambient Trance Symphony) by DreamMan feat. York
  13. When I Close My Eyes by Alex Morph with Hannah
  14. The Muse (Chill Out Mix) by Brave
  15. Sunlight Again (Original Mix) by Sensorica
  16. Unity (Orion and JShore Remix 2013) by Orkidea

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