Latest Chillout Music Release: Special Chill Session 065 with R.I.B.

Dave Harrigan: Special Chill Session 063 with Manu Zain

Dave Harrigan: Special Chill Session 065 with R.I.B.

Dave Harrigan has released the latest episode of his Special Chill Session with an hour mix from Dave and guest DJ R.I.B.  featuring several great chillout and downtempo tracks from Shane Robinson, Seven24 and ATB!

And make sure to visit his sites and let him know how much you enjoyed his show.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest Special Chill Session!

Release Info

Artist: Dave Harrigan
Title: Special Chill Session 065 with R.I.B.
Duration: 59m
Published: 26 Apr 2014

Track Info

Session 1: Dave Harrigan

  1. The Genie’s Wish by Pete Robson
  2. Between Us by Shane Robinson
  3. Never Let Go by Shane Robinson
  4. Nothing’s Changed by Shane Robinson
  5. Sparks (Original Mix) by Aeron Aether

Session 2: R.I.B.

  1. Perfect Day by Seven24 & Soty with R.I.B
  2. Meditation by R.I.B & Soty
  3. When it ends it starts again (instrumental R.I.B chill remix) by ATB feat. Sean Ryan
  4. When Hearts Beat In Unison by R.I.B & Soty
  5. I Breathe You In (Pedro Del Mar with R.I.B. chillout remix) by Solarstone & Betsie Larkin
  6. Across the Ocean (R.I.B with Soty & Seven24 Remix) by M.I.K.E vs YORK featuring Asheni


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