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Latest release from Raphaël Marionneau: Abstrait Radio Episode 118

Raphaël Marionneau has released the latest episode from his Abstrait Radio show featuring the best in downtempo and chillout music including tracks from Nacho Sotomayor, Tim Angrave and one of my favorite tracks from Enigma. Make sure to visit Raphaël at his links below to stay in touch with his latest musical creations.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest from Raphaël Marionneau and Abstrait Radio.

Release Information

Title: Abstrait Radio 118
Artist: Raphaël Marionneau
Duration: 02:03 hrs
Published Date: 05 Apr 2014

Track Information

  1. Callas Went Away by Enigma
  2. Emberkreiss by Digitonal
  3. Little Rays by Echaskech
  4. When Children Sleep (Empt remix) by Long Arm
  5. Choclop by Krusseldorf
  7. Broken Window by Nate Connelly
  8. The Circuit (live edit) by Circular
  10. A1 by Alafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm
  12. Emphasis by Julien Auclair
  13. Skumle Planer by Marius Vareid
  14. Bye Bye Macadam by Rone
  15. Island Breath by Al Rea
  16. Love by Nacho Sotomayor
  17. Jonalu (Slow Motion version) by Solee
  19. Endless Horizons by Tim Angrave
  20. Evening Sun by Bliss

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