DJ.Invisible: Just close your eyes volume 2

DJ.Invisible: Close Your Eyes Vol. 2

DJ.Invisible: Just close your eyes volume 2

DJ.Invisible: Just close your eyes volume 2

Milan Kostovski (AKA dj.invisible) has partnered with Serge Kraplya and released the second volume of the Just Close Your Eyes radio show featuring tracks from Tim Angrave, Lemongrass and Smooth Deluxe.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest from Milan!

Release Info

Artist: Milan Kostovski as dj.invisible mixed by Krapyla and Invisible
Title:  Close Your Eyes
Duration: 1:37 hr
Published: 01 May 2014

Track Info

  1. Boulevard Rouge by Smooth Deluxe
  2. Teardrop by Dual Sessions
  3. Yearn to Love by SoulAvenue
  5. Beyond The Sunset by KoolSax
  6. Bellissimo Angelo (feat Gushi) by Tim Angrave
  7. Aqua Del Mar by Albert St Barth
  8. Confession (instrumental) by Metaharmoniks
  9. Don’t Cry by Sao Vicente
  10. Just An Illusion by Sylvering
  11. Undiscovered World by Slow World
  12. I’m Stellar by Lemongrass
  13. In Travel by Comfort
  15. Some Days (Pangaen remix) by Lila Liu
  17. Valerie (feat Wendy Lewis) by Mystic Diversions
  18. Romantic Meeting (original mix) by New Look
  19. Close Your Eyes (Erotic Sunset To Sunrise mix) by Lemonjazz
  20. Temple of Happiness by Marie Therese
  21. Take a Deep Breath by The Atmosphere Experience


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