FauxReveur - Chilled Beat V

Latest release from FauxReveur: Chilled Beat V

FauxReveur - Chilled Beat V

FauxReveur – Chilled Beat V

Faux Reveur has released the latest episode of his Chilled Beat radio show featuring several great chillout and downtempo tracks and one of my personal favorites from Enigma.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: FauxReveur
Title: Chilled Beat V
Duration: 79:00 min
Published: 1 May 2014

Track Info

  1. Mystery of Time by Chronos and Gloriole
  2. Little Spark by Nordlight
  3. Vibraphone Original Mix by Cafe Royale
  4. Trouble (Fabulous Orbit Deluxe Mix) by Soleil Fisher feat. Mirijam
  5. The Dewberry Tree (Original Mix) by John 00 Fleming and The Digital Blonde
  6. Satyros (Niel Mitra Remix) by Faun
  7. Aware (chilled mix) by Suffuse
  8. Hypnotik Antarsya by Cydelix
  9. A Song of Forest (Album Version) by Synthetic Substance
  10. Bad Things (Carmen Rizzo Remix) by Lal Meri
  11. A Tale of Broken Dreams by Cosmic Warrior
  12. Fight for Me by Chris Cargo feat. Sara Whitaker Gilbey
  13. Illusions by Dhamika
  14. Principles of Lust – A: Sadeness by Enigma


Chilled Beat V from FauxRever

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