Seven24: Ecliptic Episode 39

Seven24: Ecliptic Episode 39

Seven24: Ecliptic Episode 39

Seven24: Ecliptic Episode 39

Yuri Semenyaga has released the latest episode of his Ecliptic series as Seven24 with a great hour long mix including chillout and downtempo tracks from Lukas Termena, Rega Avoena and Alexey Korovin!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest from Seven24!

Release Info

Artist: Seven24
Title: Ecliptic Episode 039
File size: 127.7 MB
Duration: 55:47 min
Format: MP3, 320 Kbit
Published: 09 May 2014

Track Info

  1. Sound of Earth (Original Mix) by Lukas Termena
  2. ID by ID
  3. Cold Wind by Rega Avoena
  4. Magic sea by Alexey Korovin
  5. Dyhaniem Feat. Jama (Deepshader & Nazca Remix) by Mininome
  6. Unplanned Detours by Matthew Billings
  7. Verlangsamt by Rega Avoena
  8. Like the Sunrise (Terry Da Libra Chill Out Sunrise Mix) by Ad Brown & Steve Kaetzel feat. Arielle Maren
  9. Beginning of life by Lukas Termena
  10. Into a Dream by Sinoptic Music
  11. Spring rain by Alexey Korovin

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Download Information

Download Seven24 Ecliptic Episode 039 from PromoDJ

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