Mario Trunz: Undiscovered Scenery

Chillout Artist Mario Trunz: Undiscovered Scenery July 2014 with Guest DJ Curt Wright

Mario Trunz has teamed up with guest DJ Curt Wright to present two hours of chillout and downtempo music featuring tracks from Télépopmusik, Great Skies and Progeny.

Mario, one of our regularly featured DJ’s, hosts a monthly radio show featuring the best in dream and ibiza style chill out, ambient and downtempo music. Started in the summer of 2013, Undiscovered Scenery airs on the first Saturday of the month at 8pm EST(Sun 1:00 GMT) on and on the first Sunday of the month at 11am EST (15:00 GMT) on

Now…it’s time to sit back, listen and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Mario Trunz featuring guest mix from Curt Wright
Title: Undiscovered Scenery July 2014
Duration: 120 min
Published: 15 Jul 2014

Track Info

Hour 1: Mario Trunz

  1. Snowflake on your lips [CDR] by Vitaliy Ghos
  2. Star Dust [CDR] by Module Module & Temporal
  3. Breathe (mvnners night drive remix) [Bandcamp] by Télépopmusik
  4. You’re Not Alone [Bandcamp] by CMA
  5. Not Gonna Wait Forever [CDR] by Great Skies
  6. ‘Orbiting’ [LoDubs] by Clubroot
  7. 1988 [CDR] by Sorrow
  8. Apathy [CDR] by Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa
  9. Memories [CDR] by A Perfect Contrast
  10. Deep Thought [Bokeh Music] by Temporal
  11. In the Sky [CDR] by Author
  12. My Everything [CDR] by Mazda
  13. Everytime I Sleep [CDR] by Wabz
  14. More Than You (Unplugged) [CDR] by Koven

Hour 2: Curt Wright

  1. Future Tense by Cousin Silas
  2. Kullu Eagle by Tuval S.
  3. Tribe by Cinebient
  4. Phoenix Burn (Chill Mix) by Thomas Datt
  5. Standing Right Here (Mannix Chillin at the Beach Mix) by Mannix ft Dina Vass
  6. Julie’s Night by Ossixx
  7. I Want to Go to The Shore With You by Alexander Volisniko
  8. Tides by Osiah
  9. Alone in The Star by Progeny
  10. The Raindrops are Colder Today by Alick ft Com
  11. Born Into a New World by Delicate Apparatu
  12. Lake of Sadness (Bonzai Element) by Maciej Labuda

Listen Online

Via Mixcloud

Undiscovered Scenery July 2014 (Guestmix by Curt Wright) by Undiscovered Scenery on Mixcloud

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