Tim Angrave - The Chillout Lounge Mix

Tim Angrave: The Chillout Lounge Mix – Cafe Del Mar

Chillout and downtempo artist Tim Angrave has released a new episode of  The Chillout Lounge Mix series featuring tracks from Valdi Sabev, Lemongrass and Blue Pilots Project. Tim has even included several of his own tracks in this episode.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Release Information

Artist: Tim Angrave
Title: The Chillout Lounge Mix – Cafe Del Mar
Duration: 79:06 min
Posted: 17 Jul 2014

Track Information

  1. Strawberry (Invisible Sounds ‘On The Rainbow’ Remix) – Mango
  2. Angels – Valdi Sabev
  3. Anagram – Dousk
  4. Faith In You (Original Mix) – Tim Angrave
  5. Always You – Xemplify
  6. Bushes & Briers – Platform 16
  7. Walking In Faith – Fight Club Boys
  8. The Cure (Sunshine Mix) – Miro
  9. So Long – Polished Chrome
  10. Summer Rain – Sine
  11. Deep River (feat. Jane Maximova) – Lemongrass
  12. Senta (Original Mix) – Blue Pilots Project
  13. Around Arrived (Original Mix) – Chris Zippel
  14. DreamEscape – Tim Angrave
  15. Black Heart – Cloudi
  16. Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix Trip 1) – Coldcut
  17. Ray – Owen Ear
  18. Download Information

Download Tim Angrave: The Chillout Lounge Mix – Cafe Del Mar

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