Sad to see a change at Arcadian Forest

arcadianforestIt is with great sadness that we are forced to announce a change of format at the Arcadian Forest.

Since Oct of 2008, we have been providing the latest news and releases for many of our favorite chillout and downtempo artists. We have discovered many great artists and have connected you with those artists and made a huge number of new friends through the Arcadian Forest project. We have never stored any music on our servers for download and have only provided links to music that the artists may have provided to us.

However, we have been contacted several times in the past year with accusations that we are “allegedly infringing upon the copyrights of others” with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) request filed against us.

With all previous claims, they were all dismissed.

The Arcadian Forest project was started as a hobby to share information with the world that we discovered through our quest to find new chillout and downtempo music. It is not worth the headache of dealing with ridiculous, unfounded claims to continue our project. Therefore, we will be removing and no longer posting tracklists or links to actual downloads provided by the artists. We will continue to post here on and also on our social media network channels of music and artists that we listen to on a regular basis.

We have supported our featured artists by providing links to the various online storefronts to purchase their work and we will continue to promote. There are so many great artists who aren’t heard on the mainstream radio producing great music because of their desire to create. It’s a driving force in who they are… and we appreciate them and the time they invest in their musical endeavors.

To all of our musical friends, keep up the great work and we’ll continue to promote you as long as possible.


Latest Release News from Australis

australis_adrift_thumbDear friends,

It is with much excitement that we announce that our newest album, “Adrift”, is now globally available physically and digitally.

Released at the end of August, this new production brings together twelve brand new and original musical expeditions to the uncharted lands where emotions roam free; gathered in a compilation three years in the making.

Composed and produced during a difficult period of his life, many of the tracks in this release have been born from real experiences and frames of mind. The album’s title, a hint by itself, insinuates the unexpected turns life can take at any moment, and the nature of our essence as we navigate our personal oceans.

In “Adrift”, Australis again explores several different genres like New Age, Electronic, Ethnic and Orchestral as if they were waves in an acoustic sea; touching each one with his signature sound and rhythm.

The outcome places “Adrift” at the same level of evocation and musical seduction as his three previous releases.

You are cordially invited you to sample “Adrift” at our website, where the album can be purchased directly too.

Also, find “Adrift” on Amazon and on CD Baby, in both physical and digital formats.