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Dear friends,

It is with much excitement that we announce that our newest album, “Adrift”, is now globally available physically and digitally.

Released at the end of August, this new production brings together twelve brand new and original musical expeditions to the uncharted lands where emotions roam free; gathered in a compilation three years in the making.

Composed and produced during a difficult period of his life, many of the tracks in this release have been born from real experiences and frames of mind. The album’s title, a hint by itself, insinuates the unexpected turns life can take at any moment, and the nature of our essence as we navigate our personal oceans.

In “Adrift”, Australis again explores several different genres like New Age, Electronic, Ethnic and Orchestral as if they were waves in an acoustic sea; touching each one with his signature sound and rhythm.

The outcome places “Adrift” at the same level of evocation and musical seduction as his three previous releases.

You are cordially invited you to sample “Adrift” at our website, where the album can be purchased directly too.

Also, find “Adrift” on Amazon and on CD Baby, in both physical and digital formats.



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