Firmament’s latest chillout and downtempo release: Above the Clouds 053

With the latest episode from his Above the Clouds series, Firmament features a one hour episode with tracks from Roger Shah, Blank & Jones and Amethystium!

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest from Firmament and Above the Clouds.

Release Info

Artist: Firmament
Title: Above the Clouds Episode 053
Length: 60:00 min
Published: 14 Apr 2014

Track Info

  1. Drop’s Destiny (Original Mix) by Max Gueli
  2. It’s Time To Love (Nikolay Mikryukov Remix) by Sergey Alekseev
  3. Limnos by Koda
  4. 58 BPM (Original Mix) by Tensnake, Fiora
  5. One Life (Pedro Del Mar & R.I.B Chillout Remix) by Roger Shah & DJ Feel feat. Zara Taylor
  6. Falling (Roan Portman Chillout Mix) by Lisaya feat. Guido Staps
  7. In Your Eyes (Original Mix) by Max Gueli
  8. Staying (JacM Remix) by Koda
  9. In.dust.realiZed (Original Mix) by The A.W.
  10. Nightfall by Amethystium
  11. Nothing But You by Martian
  12. Entspannt by Blank & Jones
  13. Make Thee An Ark (Noah OST) by Kronos Quartet

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John Kitts Chillout Therapy

John Kitts: Chillout Therapy 019

For some reason, I failed to post about Jan Kryštof (a.k.a, John Kitts) Chillout Therapy Episode 19. It may have been because of my excitement over the new remix of Jan Hammer’s “Crockett’s Theme”. I was first introduced to Hammer during the “Miami Vice” days and instantly loved his work. This great episode also includes tracks from Amethystium, Enigma and Jens Gad. This has to be one of my favorites from Jan.

If you’re interested in the FREE download the Balearicwave Remake remix of Jan Hammer’s “Crockett’s Theme”, visit Balearicwave’s Soundcloud page.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: John Kitts
Title: Chillout Therapy 020
Duration: 62:31 min
Published: 06 Jun 2013

Track Info

Seb Soroori – Chillout Therapy Intro
01. Chicane – Barefoot (Album Version)
02. DJ Orion & J.Shore – Your Highness (Original Mix)
03. Jane Maximova – Invisible (Original Mix)
04. Yahr – Daisy Flower (Original Mix)
05. Accadia – Into The Dawn (Cham & Strange Version)
06. DJ Orion & J.Shore – The Night After (Original Mix)
07. Cry Solnca – Sunahaii (Original Mix)
08. Way Out West – Don’t Forget Me (Original Mix)
09. Soarsweep – Losing Rays (Original Mix)
10. Koan – Flying Cities (Original Mix)
11. Andrew Bayer – We Will Return (Original Mix)
12. Long Journey – Abyss (Original Mix)

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JUST RELEASED: @Amethystium Aurorae EP


A brief newsletter this time. The new Amethystium EP is released today and is available digitally worldwide right now.

More info here:

You can preview the songs from the music player at

And you can purchase the EP from (among others)

This is very much a DIY project again, with no traditional promotion behind the release, so if anyone wants to help out by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. (and maybe writing a review if you like it) that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

Thank you for subscribing, and for the support!


Latest news from Amethystium

Øystein RamfjordHello!

I thought it was time for an update before the end of the year. First of all I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and a sincere thank you for your support and patience. I’m not so sure that the new music you’ll soon get to hear would exist without the stream of overwhelmingly encouraging messages from you over the last years. Though things have been rather quiet for a long time, 2012 will see the beginning of a new chapter for Amethystium, with a couple of “mini-releases” of new music and hopefully a new full-lenght album towards the end of the year. So I think this year will be exciting


The first taste of new music will be a four-track EP titled “Aurorae EP”, to be released digitally worldwide on the 20th of January. The tracklisting and cover artwork will later be up on the official website at (which will soon get a new look, so check back towards the end of next week).


An early sneak-peek of the new music can be heard in the Music player on the official Facebook page at — please like the page if you haven’t already It’s an unmastered excerpt from the opening track called “Nightfall”. This song has a certain Nordic vibe to it, featuring Martine Lund Hoel playing the traditional hardingfiddle, and Erlend Kvam on cello.

Previews of all tracks on the EP will be available on both the website and on Facebook as soon as the final master is ready.


This fall I re-issued the Isabliss album digitally on my own label, and it’s always fun checking to see if there were any iTunes sales yesterday, and if so in which countries. So, if you haven’t got all the albums and want to make my day tomorrow, here’s the link to the albums on iTunes:

You can now also find Amethystium on Spotify (link: ). For now only “Isabliss” is available in the U.S., while all the albums can be heard in the other countries where Spotify has launched. Great if you add your favorite songs to your playlists and share them with friends!

A few have also been asking about availability on Amazon’s mp3 store, and you can now get “Isabliss” from Amazon MP3 worldwide + all the albums from the other Amazon stores. Links below:


Best wishes for 2012,
Øystein Ramfjord

Justin Elswick of Sleepthief Invited to DJ Show

Justin Elswick from Sleepthief has just received some great news. See below:

“Strangeways has just secured their next dj.  Justin Elswick will host an electronica show. Justin is the mastermind behind the wonderful band Sleepthief. He has worked with almost everybody in the electronica scene.  Justin will be occasionally joined by Kirsty Hawkshaw and friends as well.  This is going to be a spectacular gathering of international talent for all of you electronica fans.  Stay tuned for details about dates/times/etc in days to come.”

Will post times and dates as they become available.

In the meantime, check out the Strangeways Radio website.

Amethystium Newsletter November 2010


It’s been a long time since this newsletter was sent out, but now I wanted to share a couple of quick news updates with you.

Hopefully this will be the first of more regular ones.. 🙂

– “Half a world away” Amethystium / Caroline Lavelle collaboration
– Facebook page(s) + twitter
– Next album status
– Free mp3 download: “Strangely Beautiful”

“Half a world away” Amethystium / Caroline Lavelle collaboration

This summer I had the honor of working with one of my favorite singers and songwriters, Caroline Lavelle ( And the song we co-wrote and recorded can now be heard on Neurodisc’s new “Beauty 2” compilation which was released last month.

The CD is available exclusively from Barnes & Noble stores in the US, as well as online from

The digital version can be purchased from digital music retailers such as iTunes around the world:

A new/different version of the song will likely be released at a later point.

Facebook page(s) + twitter

There’s now an official Amethystium page on Facebook at

Please “Like” it to be kept updated there, and of course it would be great and much appreciated if you would help spread the word to your facebook friends! Also check out the official fan page at

Personally I’m also trying out twitter at — it is set to “protected” for now (since I’m shy :P) but please feel free to follow if you have a twitter account.

Next album status

And yes, the work on the next Amethystium album has begun, and it looks like it will be an exciting process..! More about that
later, but for those wondering it’s not likely to be released until next summer at earliest.

Free mp3 download: “Strangely Beautiful”

A little goodie at the end, or at least if you haven’t heard the Isabliss album yet – which hopefully you have. But if not, here’s an mp3 download of one of the songs on it, called “Strangely Beautiful”:

The link will stay active for a week or so.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading,

Øystein (or simply: