Artist Spotlight – LiLi Roquelin


I’m starting a new series of blog posts to focus briefly on artists and djs that I meet or discover through my quest to provide you the best in electronic, chillout and downtempo music.

Our first artist of the series is LiLi Roquelin, a downtempo, chillout/trip-hop artist based out of New York City. With her newest release “Beautiful Sun”, Lili combines ethereal pop ballads with an electronic touch to produce a very unique sound of her own.

Lili grew up in south France and – inspired by her multi-instrumentalist father – began her love for music at the early age of four. Moving to the United States to further pursue her career, she began her discovery-process musical journey fronting two hard-rock bands in Ohio. Her first self-titled trip-hop/piano composition EP was released in 2008. Later in 2009, Lili moved to New York  and began working on several new projects including a full-length album.

In 2011 and 2012, several of Lili’s tracks were featured on the Lifetime TV network show Dance Mom’s and she released her “Beautiful Sun” album in December 2012.

Check out Lili’s full bio on her website and listen to some of Lili’s work at: