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Reuben Halsey returns

This just in: Dear Listeners, I hope you’ve all been keeping well and happy since we last talked. Just to let you know that my Chillout radio show ‘Into the Light’ is returning to Digitally Imported starting with Episode 112 from this Friday at 1pm EST. All new episodes will air there twice per month, […]

Sad to see a change at Arcadian Forest

It is with great sadness that we are forced to announce a change of format at the Arcadian Forest. Since Oct of 2008, we have been providing the latest news and releases for many of our favorite chillout and downtempo artists. We have discovered many great artists and have connected you with those artists and made […]

Latest Release News from Australis

Dear friends, It is with much excitement that we announce that our newest album, “Adrift”, is now globally available physically and digitally. Released at the end of August, this new production brings together twelve brand new and original musical expeditions to the uncharted lands where emotions roam free; gathered in a compilation three years in […]