Enigma The Fall of a Rebel Angel

Enigma’s latest Release “The Fall of a Rebel Angel”

Enigma The Fall of a Rebel AngelExcited to have my copy of “The Fall of a Rebel Angel” – the latest release from one of my favorite musical projects. This is the first major release from Enigma in 8 years so looking forward to listening for a few days before posting any comments or reviews. I have listened to the entire main release and now going through the “story” of the second disc. My initial reaction is great for the actual music. However, I am disappointed that there there is no artwork, lyrics or insert included with the digital deluxe version.

More later.

Make sure to check out some of the supporting artists from the new release, as well as Enigma:


Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Is the album format relevant anymore?

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey – Into the Light

Just received the following email from Reuben Halsey, creator of the “Into the Light” radio show with regards to album’s and if they should be replaced by shorter EP size releases. At the end of the post, let us know your thoughts.

Dear Listeners,

I’ve been working on a new album for a while now and recently I have begun to question whether or not the album format is relevant and worthwhile anymore. Last year The Prodigy mentioned in an interview with NME that they were planning to stop making full length albums altogether. In their view, making an album is such a long process – it means going away for as long as 5 years to record and produce a large collection of tracks, leaving fans without new music to enjoy during that time.

Times have changed and the world is much more fast paced now. People want things instantly or they get distracted and move onto other interests. Maybe going away for a few years to write an album is an old style of working that no longer applies today and it needs an update. Perhaps it’s better to instead release 4-5 track EPs on a more regular basis and drop the whole album idea completely. That way fans have new music to listen to more often, without the huge waits. It would keep things fresh and more current. I also think it might be better for the artist. Sometimes when we’ve been working on one project for a long time we get tired of it. The end can seem so far away that it’s daunting. With bite sized EPs the end is in sight and we can get excited about the creative process as well as get the music out there and move onto the next project.

I would love to hear from you about this. Does the album experience still matter and is it worth waiting for? Or is it better to have new music coming at you more often? If I told you that finishing my current album might take another year (or more) but that that if I split it up into smaller EPs I could have a release out this summer what would you prefer?


Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey returns

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey – Into the Light

This just in:

Dear Listeners,

I hope you’ve all been keeping well and happy since we last talked. Just to let you know that my Chillout radio show ‘Into the Light’ is returning to Digitally Imported starting with Episode 112 from this Friday at 1pm EST. All new episodes will air there twice per month, every other Friday. Here’s a link to the DI.fm page for it:


For anyone new to Digitally Imported who’d like to tune in to the show live, it’s completely free but you’ll need to sign up and create a login to be able to listen beyond the first 30 minutes.

Thanks for your support and keep it chilled,

Conjure One - Holoscenic

Conjure One’s Official Video for “Under the Gun”

It’s been a long 5 years since the last release for Conjure One in 2010, but the latest release Holoscenic is set for November 20, 2015 featuring vocals from Kristy Thirsk, Leigh Nash, and many others. In the meantime, check out the official video for “Under the Gun”

Sad to see a change at Arcadian Forest

arcadianforestIt is with great sadness that we are forced to announce a change of format at the Arcadian Forest.

Since Oct of 2008, we have been providing the latest news and releases for many of our favorite chillout and downtempo artists. We have discovered many great artists and have connected you with those artists and made a huge number of new friends through the Arcadian Forest project. We have never stored any music on our servers for download and have only provided links to music that the artists may have provided to us.

However, we have been contacted several times in the past year with accusations that we are “allegedly infringing upon the copyrights of others” with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) request filed against us.

With all previous claims, they were all dismissed.

The Arcadian Forest project was started as a hobby to share information with the world that we discovered through our quest to find new chillout and downtempo music. It is not worth the headache of dealing with ridiculous, unfounded claims to continue our project. Therefore, we will be removing and no longer posting tracklists or links to actual downloads provided by the artists. We will continue to post here on arcadianforest.com and also on our social media network channels of music and artists that we listen to on a regular basis.

We have supported our featured artists by providing links to the various online storefronts to purchase their work and we will continue to promote. There are so many great artists who aren’t heard on the mainstream radio producing great music because of their desire to create. It’s a driving force in who they are… and we appreciate them and the time they invest in their musical endeavors.

To all of our musical friends, keep up the great work and we’ll continue to promote you as long as possible.


Latest Release News from Australis

australis_adrift_thumbDear friends,

It is with much excitement that we announce that our newest album, “Adrift”, is now globally available physically and digitally.

Released at the end of August, this new production brings together twelve brand new and original musical expeditions to the uncharted lands where emotions roam free; gathered in a compilation three years in the making.

Composed and produced during a difficult period of his life, many of the tracks in this release have been born from real experiences and frames of mind. The album’s title, a hint by itself, insinuates the unexpected turns life can take at any moment, and the nature of our essence as we navigate our personal oceans.

In “Adrift”, Australis again explores several different genres like New Age, Electronic, Ethnic and Orchestral as if they were waves in an acoustic sea; touching each one with his signature sound and rhythm.

The outcome places “Adrift” at the same level of evocation and musical seduction as his three previous releases.

You are cordially invited you to sample “Adrift” at our website, where the album can be purchased directly too.

Also, find “Adrift” on Amazon and on CD Baby, in both physical and digital formats.