Latest FREE chillout music release Mario Trunz: Colorful Skies 077

Mario Trunz - Colorful Skies Radio Show

Mario Trunz’s has released the latest episode from his Colorful Skies radio show and  features several great chillout and downtempo artists including awesome tracks from BT and Schiller. Find out more about Mario Trunz from my earlier posts.

Make sure to catch Mario’s show every Sunday at 3pm (Eastern) on Soundstorm Radio (

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest from Mario Trunz Colorful Skies!

Release Info

Artist: Mario Trunz
Title: Colorful Skies 077
File size:  142.5 MB
Duration: 59:22 min
Format: MP3, 320 Kbit
Published: 22 Apr 2013

Track Info

1. BT – The Emergency (NewLogic remix) [CDR]
2. Parov Stelar Trio – La Divina [Etage Noir Recordings]
3. Leventina – Glorious (Passenger 10 African Lounge Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
4. Schiller – Sleepless (Chillout Mix) [7star music]
5. Wanderhouse – Lights (Ellie Goulding Cover) [CDR]
6. Paul Richmond – Tears In Heaven [Enormous Tunes]
7. Rudolf.S Vs Ego Twins – Killer [CDR]
8. Oceanlab – Satellite (Max Quality Chillout remix) [CDR]
9. Rassolodin – Within Space [Zebra 40]
10. Rising Sun – Calling to Midnight [Neverending Story Recordings]
11. Max Koss – I Need You Tonight [CDR]
12. Leoboris – A Touch of Hopeful Wind [CDR]

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Dave Harrigan - Special Chill Session

NEW FEATURED ARTIST: Dave Harrigan Special Chill Session 34

Dave Harrigan - Special Chill SessionI am happy to announce our newest addition to our Favorite Artists list we’ll be featuring on the Arcadian Forest website.

While listening to the latest Frank Korf Horizons 4  release, Dave Harrigan’s Special Chill Session 34 popped up as a Mixcloud recommendation. I started listening to it and was instantly hooked especially since he included two of my favorite downtempo tracks – “Another Chance (Afterlife Remix)” from Roger Sanchez and “Every Other Way” from BT and Jes with a Hammock interpretation.

Dave was raised in Budapest, Hungary and currently resides in Rome, Italy.  The Chill the Special Session was introduced in autumn of 2011 and features artists from the Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge, Progressive, Trance genres.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest from Dave!

Release Info

Artist: Dave Harrigan
Title: Special Chill Session 34
Duration: 58:06 min
Published: 25 Feb 2012

Track Info

  1. Good Morning Track (Sundriver Intro Mix) By Mango
  2. Under The Carpet By Soulforge & Domenico Cascarino
  3. Another Chance (Afterlife Remix) By Roger Sanchez
  4. Friuli By Daniel Wanrooy
  5. Rainsteps By Juventa
  6. Love Lost (Downtempo Mix) By Nuera ft. Szen
  7. Every Other Way (Hammock Re-Interpretation) By BT Ft. Jes
  8. Sternwanderer By ATB ft. Anova
  9. Watching the night sky By Mizar B
  10. Promethean By Juventa
  11. Noor By Hazem Beltagui

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JUST RELEASED: Sleepthief’s Mortal Longing

See Video

MORTAL-LONGING-single-coverI’m really excited to announce the latest single release from Justin Elswick’s Sleepthief project – “Mortal Longing” featuring the angelic voice of Jody Quine. It’s been three long years since his Labyrinthine Heart was released in 2009.

The “Mortal Longing” release is a cinematic and poignant track about human desire and is accompanied by a stunning video filmed in the famous landscape of Utah’s Goblin Valley and Capital Reef. The video has been released today, June 4th. The single will be released on June 11th and will feature three additional remixes from Blue Stone, DJ Mikel and Psychomatic) “Mortal Longing” is the first song from the forthcoming eight track EP to be released in Fall 2012. The new EP, also titled Mortal Longing,  will feature additional collaborations with Kirsty Hawkshaw, Kristy Thisk, Coury Palermo, Carla Werner, Suzanne Perry, and Sonja Draklulich of Stellamara.

Sleepthief is the musical project of composer Justin Elswick. By infusing elements of elecronica, classical, pop and world music into compositions and then pairing the compositions with some of th emost respected vocalists in the dance and electronic genres, Sleepthief has created a voibrant hybrid of sound that is epic and intimate.

Both of Sleepthief’s prior albums – The Dawnseeker and Labyrinthine Heart – settled in the top 10 on iTunes’ and Amazon’s electronic charts.

Sleepthief’s tracks have featured collaborations with Kirsty Hawkshaw(BT, Tiesto), Jody Quine (Balligomingo), Kristy Thirsk (Delerium, Matt Darey), Caroline Lavelle (BT, Vangelis), Roberts Carter Harrison (Wild Strawberries, ATB), Coury Palermo (Morgan Page, Lynden), Zoë Johnston (Above & Beyond, Faithless) Joanna Stevens (Solar Twins, Carmen Rizzo), Nicola Hitchcock (Mandalay, Hector Zazao), Harland (Pole Folder, Loverush UK!), Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape) and others.

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George Mosoh: The Way to Eden Episode 133

George MosohGeorge Mosoh has released the 133rd episode of his The Way to Eden series featuring an hour long mix from resident DJ Tyraelforce, a.k.a Sergey Gembel. Thanks to Sergey for featuring one of my all time favorite tracks – “Satellite” from BT. Looking forward to another great episode from my friends George and Sergey. Enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: George Mosoh (featuring Tyraelforce)
Title: The Way to Eden 133
File size: 139.7 Mb
Duration: 61:04 min
Quality: 320 kbps, MP3
Recorded:  23 Feb 2012
Published: 28 Feb 2012

Track Info

01. GEORGE MOSOH ft. Valeria Rousseau VS Van – The Way to Eden Intro (Long Awaited Meeting)
02. Lounge Deluxe – Dreamscape (Blow Mix)
03. Klangstein – Deepdive
04. Zero-Project – Labyrinth
05. Nok – Le Roi Est Mord, Vive Le Roi
06. Verano De Lluvia – Sol Y Luna Aventura
07. El Sueno Del Mar – Sangre De La Tierra (Original Mix)
08. Zero Cult – 360
09. Gold Lounge – Only A Dream
10. BT – Satellite (Original Mix)
11. Rhythm of Mankind and Nature – French girl
12. Asura – V.A.N.T.A.
13. Max Million & Gusk – Sub Strata
14. Alain Paris – Summer 78 (Chill Tribute To Yann Tiersen)

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Message from BT

Excited by interaction on SoundCloud if you haven’t checked it out…free new music from my upcoming 2 releases here

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