Social Media is such a cool thing…

Remember the days when you could only dream of actually talking with your favorite actors, musicians and sports stars? My, how social media has opened a whole new world to the average person. Getting my tux ready for the Grammy call for Jody and Ryan!

Milan Kostovski as dj.invisible: Eternity Volume 15

Milan Kostovski - dj.invisible: Eternity Volume 15

Milan Kostovski - dj.invisible: Eternity Volume 15 I recently stumbled across a great new chillout series fromMilan Kostovski (AKA dj.invisible) on Mixcloud. I gave a listen to this mix this morning and am looking forward to listening to his other volumes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest from Milan!

Release Info

Artist: Milan Kostovski as dj.invisible
Title:  Eternity Volume 15
Duration: 55:23 min
Published: 24 Nov 2013

Track Info

  1. Ocean (original mix) by 2illusions
  2. Song of Divine (short edit) by Saint of Sin
  3. With You by Max Denoise & Claire Willis
  4. Sunset In Santorini by Vincenzo Ricca
  5. Prudence Theme by Punx Soundcheck
  6. A Bit of Jarre by Electronivity
  7. Driving Theme by Intermode
  8. Touches Hold the Memory… (original chill mix)By Solarsoul
  9. Anthem Temple by A & 1
  10. Absence of Gravity (original mix) by UOK
  11. Unknown
  12. First In Space
  13. April 1961 10.02 (original mix)By Echo-ES
  14. And the Light Will Shine In the Dark (intro)By Solarsoul
  15. Angry with the Birds by Gaming Tracks


[mixcloud height=”200″ width=”100%”][/mixcloud]

Visit Milan Kostovski as dj.invisible



The Ultimate Spotify Chillout Playlist

We have compiled a huge list of our favorite chillout and electronic tracks and created a playlist for your enjoyment featuring artist such as:

  • Moby
  • Enigma
  • Nacho Sotomayer
  • ATB
  • Schiller
  • Hammock
  • Seven24
  • DJ Shah
  • Counting Clouds
  • Conjure One
  • Ryan Farish
  • Chris Wonderful
  • Solarsoul
  • Soty
  • Ulrich Schnauss
  • Sleepthief
  • and many others!

We have also included in the sidebar of the website so you can stop by and listen anytime!

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!

Check it out: The Arcadian Forest Ultimate Spotify Chillout Playlist

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MOBY NEWS: so, it’s album release day! ‘innocents’ is now released and available everywhere @thelittleidiot

Moby - Innocents

Moby - Innocentsso, it’s album release day! ‘innocents’ is now released and available everywhere, or so i believe:

we also have a streaming site here, if you want to listen.

thank you so much to wayne coyne and cold specks and skylar grey and mark lanegan and damien jurado and inyang bassey and spike stent and everyone else who helped out on making ‘innocents’.

i hope you like ‘innocent’s, and hopefully see you at the fonda on oct 2nd or 3rd, or 4th.

here are some links, too:



NEW FEATURED ARTIST – Gaz: Dreamside 13

Gaz - Dreamside series

Gaz - Dreamside seriesIntroducing our latest addition to our Favorite Artists list with his Dreamside chillout mixes – DJ Gaz.

DJ Gaz is from London, UK and has been DJing since 2000.  His Dreamside mixes feature some of the best in chill out, and downtempo music.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Gaz’s Dreamside!

Release Info

Artist: Gaz
Title: Dreamside 013
File size: 68.1 MB
Duration: 79:48 min
Published: 2013 Jun 13

Track Info

  1. Snow & Stars by Suduaya
  2. Selena’s Song (Blue Mix) by Koan
  3. Celestial Slice by Ra
  4. Dear Universe by Miktak
  5. Peaceful Heart by Reasonandu & Adrian Enescu
  6. The Queen of All Everything by Ott
  7. Serenity by Cj RcM
  8. Silence by E-Mantra
  9. Rain Of Light by Tentura
  10. Flying Dots. by MikTek
  11. Evolution 1:1. by Connect.Ohm

Listen Online


Visit Gaz

Australis Newsletter Volume 9, Issue 2

australis_logo011“The lunatic – part two” is now available!

Finally, after much work and countless recording sessions, we are excited to share with you the news! “The lunatic – part two” is finally complete.

The first installment of our “The lunatic” saga (published as part of the album “Sentient Genus”, 2010), introduced the protagonist of the story as he finds himself involuntarily forced to face untold dangers and the risk of unthinkable loses. The piece ends with him immersed in the frenzied attempt to save all he holds dear, even at the cost of his own sanity and the rejection of those he is trying to protect; leaving the listener not knowing the results of his desperate efforts. The recently completed second chapter, starts precisely at that point.

Our protagonist has finished his preparations. Rejected and left to his own devices, he is now advancing to face the gargantuan forces threatening his world.

Will he succeed? Will this savage confrontation lend him victory? Or will he be irremediably obliterated after all his sacrifices, leaving everything else to be destroyed too?

You are kindly invited to audition “The lunatic – part two” at our Facebook’s ‘The band’ page, for a limited time.