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Faux Reveur: Chill Set 29

Faux Reveur - Chill Set 29The latest Chill Set episode from chillout and downtempo artist Faux Reveur features tracks from Schiller and Cammiloo – both super great artists that we feature quite frequently.

Release Information

FauxReveur – Chill Set XXIX
Total Time: 85:02
File size: 195 MB
Bitrate: 320 kbit (VBR)

Tracklist Information

1. Cammiloo – The Pray (Original Mix)
2. Code Indigo – Vapour
3. Gabriel Josse – All Things Must Pass (Original Mix)
4. Solarsoul – We Are Not Alone In The Universe (Original Ambient Mix)
5. Ruben Pinho – Gypsy Girl (Chill Mix)
6. Fischer and Miethig – We Only Live Once (Chillout Mix)
7. Aerosoul feat John Ward – Time Is By Your Side (Armenian Soul Remix)
8. Sun State – Tears of Heaven (Gorm Sorensen Remix)
9. Schiller – Das Ende
10. Trance Technology – Lost Memories (Original Mix)
11. Nick Beman – Ice Manor (Remastered Compilation Mix)
12. BDH – Birds Eye View (Chillout Mix)
13. Soulforge – Lunar Touch (Vitodito Chill Out Mix)
14. Chris Hampshire – Speed Of Light (Chilled Datt Mix)
15. Celtic Chill – Solitude (Remastered Compilation Mix)
16. Senadee – My Fault (Chill Out Mix)
17. Sonar – Theremin (Acoustic Mix)
18. Nightwish – Meadows of Heaven

Download Information

Download Faux Reveur’s Chill Set 29

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