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Faux Reveur: Chill Set 31

Faux Reveur - Chill Set 31Faux Reveur has mixed some of the best chillout and downtempo artists with hisĀ Chill Set 31 episode featuring tracks from DJ Shah and one of my favorite bands – Hooverphonic.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Release Information

FauxReveur – Chill Set 31
Total Time: 78:32
File size: 180 MB
Bitrate: 320 kbit (VBR)

Tracklist Information

1. Rising Sun – Children (Original Mix)
2. Tenishia – Shores Of Eden (Chill Out Mix)
3. Airdream 62 – AirDream (Original Mix)
4. Aux n Morris – The Pain Of Freedom Bonus Track (Original Mix)
5. Nordlight – My Second Wish
6. Luke PN – Be Free At Last (Original Mix)
7. Will-B – Self Portrait (Frostbyte Remix)
8. Kalliope – Lunar Landings
9. Obiman – On The Rocks
10. Royal Music Paris – Behind The Closed Door (Original Mix)
11. DJ Shah feat Tony Carey – Rainmaker (Chillout mix)
12. Manvel Ter_Pogosyan – Tears Of Armenia (Ambient Mix)
13. Etasonic – Ibiza Is Calling (Etasonics Relaxing Minutes)
14. Indigo Seven – Armageddon (Gregorian Chill Mix)
15. Hooverphonic – Eden

Download Information

Download Faux Reveur’s Chill Set 31

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