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Faux Reveur: Chill Set 34

aux Reveur - Chill Set 34Faux Reveur has mixed some of the best chillout and downtempo artists with his Chill Set 34 episode including a tracks from Andain and Solarsoul. Solarsoul is one of our frequently featured DJs and more can be heard from him in my earlier posts.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Release Information

FauxReveur – Chill Set 34
Total Time: 90:56
File size: 208 MB
Bitrate: 320 kbit (VBR)

Tracklist Information

1. Andain – Promises
2. Zaa feat Aneym – Dance With Me (Allende Downtempo Remix)
3. Martian – Tears of my Soul
4. Esona – Fallen Spirits (The For My Angel Mix)
5. Rd Project – AiAi Bopem (Cj RcM Chillout Remix)
6. Andy Moor feat Hysteria – Leave Your World Behind
7. Solarsoul – Memories From The Sky (Original Mix)
8. Above and Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Arksun Filmscape Mix)
9. Gennadiy Adamenko – Timeless (Original Mix)
10. Koan – Selena’s Song (Blue Mix)
11. Lerry Muller – Dreaming (Original)
12. Mandalay – Beautiful (7 Canny Mix)
13. Sinatic – Early Morning (Origina Mix)
14. Inusa Dawuda and Sebastian Courtier – Children of the Night (Magnetix project chilling remix)
15. Connect.Ohm – Snow Park
16. Andrey Cotel and Vanel – Follow Me (Peetiay Chilin Remix)

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