Sad to see a change at Arcadian Forest

It is with great sadness that we are forced to announce a change of format at the Arcadian Forest.

Since Oct of 2008, we have been providing the latest news and releases for many of our favorite chillout and downtempo artists. We have discovered many great artists and have connected you with those artists and made a huge number of new friends through the Arcadian Forest project. We have never stored any music on our servers for download and have only provided links to music that the artists may have provided to us.

However, we have been contacted several times in the past year with accusations that we are “allegedly infringing upon the copyrights of others” with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) request filed against us.

With all previous claims, they were all dismissed.

The Arcadian Forest project was started as a hobby to share information with the world that we discovered through our quest to find new chillout and downtempo music. It is not worth the headache of dealing with ridiculous, unfounded claims to continue our project. Therefore, we will be removing and no longer posting tracklists or links to actual downloads provided by the artists. We will continue to post here on and also on our social media network channels of music and artists that we listen to on a regular basis.

We have supported our featured artists by providing links to the various online storefronts to purchase their work and we will continue to promote. There are so many great artists who aren’t heard on the mainstream radio producing great music because of their desire to create. It’s a driving force in who they are… and we appreciate them and the time they invest in their musical endeavors.

To all of our musical friends, keep up the great work and we’ll continue to promote you as long as possible.


Just wanted to send out a Happy New Year message! 2013 was an awesome year for Arcadian Forest and our readership has grown tremendously thanks to you and we hope that 2014 is even better.

We’ve taken a little Christmas vacation and now – we’re back online and reenergized. There have been some great new chillout mixes released from our regular featured artists, as well as a few new ones. Stay tuned closely as we’ll be sending out many new posts and updates to let you know of the latest and greatest music – both for download and streaming.

So, prepare your listening ears and have your new headphones ready! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Arcadian Forest!

Hopefully everyone  has most, if not all of their shopping finished during this busy time. However, remember the reason we choose to celebrate this awesome holiday – in remembrance of the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Hopefully, you won’t eat too much during the holidays and will be able to spend some time with family members!

Stay tuned for the latest from our favorite artists after the holidays. I haven’t found any information yet on the annual DI.FM Christmas Chillout Marathon, but if it happens, it will be posted here at Arcadian Forest!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Larry Stoudenmire

DI.FM’s Christmas Chillout Marathon 2012

christmas-chillout 2012Since the birth of the Chillout Dreams channel, DI.FM has presented a special marathon during the Christmas holidays featuring the best of downtempo and chillout artists and DJs.  Many of our regular featured artist and DJs are featured in the show.

With the transferring of our website and downtime, the posting of the information for the show has been delayed. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned as we collect the track info, download links, etc. from each individual show to share and will have it posted very soon.

Arcadian Forest Website News: And we’re back…

Welcome Back! After about a week long absence of being online, our new site is up and running. So far so good and still have quite a few things to iron out but we are running, so stay tuned.

Dead Can Dance Holiday Sale

This just in from Dead Can Dance:

Hi All, 

In celebration of a wonderful year, we are offering you a special, fan-only holiday sale on all merchandise in our online store!

To claim your 30% Discount, simply :

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Choose your items 

• Enter the coupon code “FORTHEFANS” on checkout!

Happy Holidays! 

Dead Can Dance