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John Kitts: Chillout Therapy 014

Chillout Therapy with John KittsJan Kryštof (a.k.a, John Kitts) has released another great one hour long compilation mix featuring tracks from Solarstone, Ryan Farish and Lukas Termena.
Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Release Info

Artist: John Kitts
Title: Chillout Therapy 014
Duration: 58:32 min
Published: 22 Mar 2013

Track Info

Seb Soroori – Chillout Therapy IntroSeb Soroori – Chillout Therapy Intro
1. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Solarstone’s Ambient Dub Mix)
2. Lukas Termena – Feelings (Original Mix)
3. Cloudi – Summer Sunrise From My Childhood
4. Wildlife – Morning Dew (Original Mix)
5. Cj RcM – Tropical Island (Original Mix)
6. Thomas Datt – Lost
7. Ryan Farish – The Summit
8. Redstar – The Surface (Original Mi)
9. Vinid & State-V – Belief
10. Arty – Sunset (Chillout Mix)
11. JayTech feat. Nathan Grainger – Innovation
12. Jan Johnston – Sleeping Satellite (Downtempo Club Mix)
13. Fragile State – Every Day a Story (Original Version)
14. Samata – EastListen Online


Download John Kitts – Chillout Therapy 014 from Mediafire

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