Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Is the album format relevant anymore?

Just received the following email from Reuben Halsey, creator of the “Into the Light” radio show with regards to album’s and if they should be replaced by shorter EP size releases. At the end of the post, let us know your thoughts.

Dear Listeners,

I’ve been working on a new album for a while now and recently I have begun to question whether or not the album format is relevant and worthwhile anymore. Last year The Prodigy mentioned in an interview with NME that they were planning to stop making full length albums altogether. In their view, making an album is such a long process – it means going away for as long as 5 years to record and produce a large collection of tracks, leaving fans without new music to enjoy during that time.

Times have changed and the world is much more fast paced now. People want things instantly or they get distracted and move onto other interests. Maybe going away for a few years to write an album is an old style of working that no longer applies today and it needs an update. Perhaps it’s better to instead release 4-5 track EPs on a more regular basis and drop the whole album idea completely. That way fans have new music to listen to more often, without the huge waits. It would keep things fresh and more current. I also think it might be better for the artist. Sometimes when we’ve been working on one project for a long time we get tired of it. The end can seem so far away that it’s daunting. With bite sized EPs the end is in sight and we can get excited about the creative process as well as get the music out there and move onto the next project.

I would love to hear from you about this. Does the album experience still matter and is it worth waiting for? Or is it better to have new music coming at you more often? If I told you that finishing my current album might take another year (or more) but that that if I split it up into smaller EPs I could have a release out this summer what would you prefer?


Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey returns

This just in:

Dear Listeners,

I hope you’ve all been keeping well and happy since we last talked. Just to let you know that my Chillout radio show ‘Into the Light’ is returning to Digitally Imported starting with Episode 112 from this Friday at 1pm EST. All new episodes will air there twice per month, every other Friday. Here’s a link to the page for it:

For anyone new to Digitally Imported who’d like to tune in to the show live, it’s completely free but you’ll need to sign up and create a login to be able to listen beyond the first 30 minutes.

Thanks for your support and keep it chilled,

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Into the Light Episode 104 mixed by Reuben Halsey

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey – Into the Light

Reuben Halsey has released the 104th episode of his Into the Light series. Check it out on his website!

Also, Reuben has finished the fourth track of his new album.  No album name or release date is available at this time, however, we will continue to keep you posted on any new developments.

Sit back, close your eyes, and relax!

Release Information

Title: Into the Light Episode 104
Artist: Reuben Halsey
Published Date: 31 May 2014
Duration: 48:24 min

Listen to Into the Light Episode 104.

Visit and Contact Reuben Halsey
Into the Light episodes website:

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey is back with the latest Into the Light Episode 103

Reuben Halsey - Into the Light

Reuben Halsey – Into the Light

Reuben Halsey has released the 103rd episode of his Into the Light series. Check it out on his website!

Sit back, close your eyes, and relax!

Release Information

Title: Into the Light Episode 103
Artist: Reuben Halsey
Published Date: 05 May 2014
Duration: 46:24 min

Visit and Contact Reuben Halsey
Into the Light episodes website:

Mario Trunz: Undiscovered Scenery

Check out the latest chillout music release from Mario Trunz and Undiscovered Scenery April 2014

Undiscovered SceneryWith the latest Undiscovered Scenery episode, Mario Trunz has teamed up with DJ Seroton to present nearly two hours of chillout and downtempo music featuring tracks from Moby, Hans Zimmer, ATB and  Arcadian Forest friend Reuben Halsey.

Mario, one of our regularly featured DJ’s, hosts a monthly radio show featuring the best in dream and ibiza style chill out, ambient and downtempo music. Started in the summer of 2013, Undiscovered Scenery airs on the first Saturday of the month at 8pm EST(Sun 1:00 GMT) on and on the first Sunday of the month at 11am EST (15:00 GMT) on

Now…it’s time to sit back, listen and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Mario Trunz featuring guestmix from DJ Seroton
Title: Undiscovered Scenery Vol 9 Apr 2014
Duration: 114:52 min
Published: 12 Apr 2014

Track Info

Hour 1 – Mario Trunz

  1. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue feat. Ana Criado – Fallen Angel (Zetandel & Seven24 Ice Mix) [CDR]
  2. Evocativ – The Lovers [Absys Records]
  3. Lexis – Monolith [Bandcamp]
  4. Noa Assembly – Into the Fire (Extended Mix) [Songbird]
  5. Tulpa – Sophy Sitting Silently [Undiscovered Scenery]
  6. Umber – The Day We Left For Earth (Need a Name Remix) [Bandcamp]
  7. Seagrave – Storm (Harold-Alexis Remix) [Silk Sofa]
  8. Ad Brown feat. Kerry Leva – Memorial (You Were Loved) (Lukas Termena’s Balearic Remix) [Enhanced Music]
  9. Zedd – Find You (Lukas Termena Remix) [CDR]
  10. ATB – Red Sun [Kontor]
  11. DJ Rostej – Time After… [Easy Summer]
  12. Hans Zimmer – Solomon [Columbia]

Hour 2: DJ Seroton

  1. Sacral Reason – Disappointment (DJ Seroton Edit)
  2. Reuben Halsey – Where The Heart Is
  3. All India Radio – The Quiet Ambient
  4. Danny Elfman – Walking Home (“Silver Linings Playbook” Soundtrack)
  5. Painted Water – Song Of Spring (DJ Seroton Edit)
  6. Cliff Martinez – I Drive (“Drive” Soundtrack)
  7. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World (“Meet Joe Black” Soundtrack)
  8. Bliss – Kissing
  9. Max Melvin – Slowburn
  10. Paul Schwartz – Ombra Mai Fu
  11. Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger – Balearic Beauty (Chillout Mix)
  12. Kira B.M.J. – Stars Above The Beach (DJ Seroton Edit)
  13. Danny Elfman – Traveling (“Promised Land” Soundtrack)
  14. Ludovico Einaudi – Reverie
  15. Green Sun – We Remember You Michael
  16. David Lanz & Paul Speer – Song Of The East (In This Dream)
  17. John O’Callaghan vs. Neptune Project – Rhea (Chillout Mix) (DJ Seroton Edit)
  18. Moby Feat. Wayne Coyne – The Perfect Life

Listen Online

Via Mixcloud

Via PromoDJ

Visit Mario


Reuben Halsey has a new website!

The latest from fellow chill mate, Reuben Halsey!

“Hello dear mailing listers!

I bring you this quick update to let you know that my website has had a major overhaul and that the old mailing list has been replaced with a newer, more easy to manage one.  I kindly ask that you might pop over to and join the new list on the right hand side of the screen.  That way you will continue to receive updates and stay in the loop with everything that’s going on.  The rework of the site is to go hand in hand with the re-launch of Into the light (woohooo!)

There’s also a new facebook page for the show which you can find here:

I still have some things to work out regarding the show but I can tell you that Episode 101 is almost ready to release.  In the mean time the previous 10 episodes are live and streamable on the site and they work on your computer or your phone.

This year I’ll have more time for music and I’ll be bringing a lot more content to you in the form of shows, tunes, news and downloads.

Thanks and keep chilling (unless you’re in North America, in which case, stay warm. What the heck, polar vortex?),