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The latest news from our friend Reuben Halsey:

Greetings my fellow chill enthusiasts!

I write to you with a super short clipping of news to let you know we now have our very own forum to hang out and talk about chilltwistic things and stuff and this and that and bits and bobs!  It went live just 5 minutes ago and it’s looking terribly lonely over there all by itself.  So if you kind ladies and gentlemen could take some time to register and make some posts of your random and interesting thoughts it would be just crackers all around.  We’ll have a party, drink tea and talk nonsense until we’re so highly caffeinated we can’t sleep for a month! 

You can find the forum here:

And in a day or two there will be a link to it on the main site but for now shall remain secret.  Yes, that’s right, it’s SECRET!  And the only people who know of its existence are you, the select few who are on the mailing list, and myself!

I will be popping in and out of the forum all the time so feel free to throw questions at me about tunes, making music, equipment, life in general or anything you like.

I hope to see you there! 


Latest News from Reuben Halsey

Good day to you, my fine and loyal mailing listers!

For those of you who still remember who I am (I know, it has been millennia since my last mail-out), there is some good news hurtling its way towards you at the speed of…well, at the speed of Chillout music—which can really be quite fast, if you turn the tempo up to a million.  I have not one, not two, but three [THREE?! Are you kidding me?!] portions of good news, each containing 1 of your 5 recommended daily allowances of delicious Chillout nutrition.  No artificial flavourings, pesticides or MSG added.

The New Website

The first little nugget of news is that I have finished (sort of) the creation of a brand new and super sophisticated (not) website!  Now bear with me please, as I know it’s still in its early stages.  But soon it will come complete with a regular blog where you can get the low down on new releases in the Chillout scene, current and future radio shows, music related tech and random chit-chat.  There will also be a new music player where you can listen to samples of all my releases and promos as well as episodes of Into the Light. That’s if I haven’t jumped off a very tall bridge out of sheer frustration at trying to use html code.  If any of you bright and intelligent sparks know how to get a Soundcloud player to show up on my website in the place it needs to be (anywhere would be a start!) then please do get in touch!

New Release Out Today

The next helping of Chillout nutrition is that as of right now—which will be immediately, in a few hours or three months from now, depending on when this makes its way to your eyes—you can invite your eardrums to sample the delights of my new (sort of) album titled ‘The Lost Songs’.  I say “sort of” because I’m not really counting this as an official new album, rather it’s a collection of works that got lost along the way, never made it onto Eucalyptus Tree or sat in a dusty old drawer on a dusty old shelf in a dusty old room for years, never to be heard.  Think of it as a ‘sending out what is and what has been to make space for what’s to come.  There are 15 tracks on the release and most of them have never been released before.  A couple of them were released at one time but then lost from general release for ages.  And one or two are a bit special and have been requested by you guys so many times I simply had to find a way to make it happen.  You can listen to a preview here:

And you can buy it here:

New Shop Coming

Because of popular demand there is going to be a shop where you’ll be able to buy T-Shirts and other cool stuff to impress your still-cool-but-not-nearly-as-cool-as-you friends.  There are some very nifty new designs in the works and the quality of these new shirts is going to be far superior to the test batch we did for the Into the Light competition shirts.  These are high street quality with really cool musicy designs you won’t be able to get anywhere else.  And if there is demand for them we’ll do mouse mats, stickers and a few extra bits and bobs too.  Fridge magnet anyone?

That’s all the news for now but I would love to hear feedback from you about all these plans and ideas.  Is there anything else you would like to see on the website?  What kind of content would you like to see in the blog?  Are you sure I can’t interest you in an Into the Light fridge magnet?  Reply with your thoughts and suggestions and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Thanks for reading and have a super chilled day!



Production/Remix/Writing/General enquiries:

Into the light Radio Show enquiries:

See my music videos here:

John Kitts: Chillout Therapy 002

John KIttsJan Kryštof (a.k.a, John Kitts) has released a great one hour long compilation mix featuring downtempo and chillout tracks from various artists including Reuben Halsey, Coldplay, as well as a remake of one of my favorite 80’s tunes New Order’s “Blue Monday”. George Mosoh introduced me to Jan through his The Way to Eden Episode 135 show.


Release Info

Artist: John Kitts
Title: Chillout Therapy 002
File size: 137.8 MB
Duration: 60:14 min
Published: 18 Sep 2012

Track Info

Seb Soroori – Chillout Therapy Intro
1. Coldplay – The Scientist (Reuben Halsey Piano Interlude)
2. Reuben Halsey – At the End We Find Peace
3. BrunuhVille – Memories
4. Devaldi – Arcturus
5. Devaldi – Lights
6. Blue Void – Chillout Therapy (Original mix)
7. dZihan Kamien vs. Pearldiver – Nighttrip to Home Base (George Mosoh Mash Up)
8. Sir Loungealot – Silver Beach (Original Mix)
9. Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Chiller Twist Blue Line remix)
10. Ten Madison – Leaving Melbourne
11. Ten Madison – Horizon
12. Xerxes – Angelina
13. Flunk – Blue Monday (Original by New Order, 1983)

Listen Online


Download John Kitts: Chillout Therapy 002 from Mediafire

Visit John Kitts

Firmament: Above the Clouds 031

Firmament has released his 31st episode from the Above the Clouds series.

Sit back, close your eyes and relax!

Release Info

Artist: Firmament
Title: Above the Clouds Episode 031
File size: 137.9 MB
Length: 58:53 min
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Record Date: 10 Jun 2012
Publish Date: 10 Jun 2012

Track Info

  1. Amphix feat Krishan Tanna – Deep Memories (Original Mix)
  2. Solarstone – Swansong (with Hannah Magenta)
  3. Store N Forward – Listen To Life (Masoud Remix)
  4. Vintage & Morelli – Tree Of Life (Magnetik Remix)
  5. Javah Feat. Stacey Mcclean – You And Me (Damien Chillout)
  6. Beauty & The Breakdown, Laplands Gold – Meeting Place (Original Mix)
  7. William Fitzsimmons – Psychasthenia
  8. Solarstone & Betsie Larkin – Where Do We Go from Here
  9. Dinka – Innocence (Original Mix)
  10. Reuben Halsey – Touch the Ground
  11. Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto – One More Day (Blugazer Chillout Mix)
  12. The Walton Hoax – Chemical Burn (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

Download Firmament’s Above the Clouds 031 from PromoDJ

Reuben Halsey's Eucalyptus Tree

Reuben Halsey - Eucalyptus TreeHello Mailing Listers!

My new album Eucalyptus Tree was released yesterday and you can now grab it on iTunes, Amazon or on CD directly from my website with nice fancy cover art. We’re having a few teething problems with iTunes at the moment but are hoping to get them resolved soon. If you haven’t been able to download it, please take a read below to find out other ways to get hold of the album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Have a super chilled Wednesday!


Available digitally on iTunes and Amazon
Listen to a preview here:

Important Update – iTunes/Amazon Problems – Some people in certain countries are having problems buying the album through iTunes/Amazon. For those who are having this problem please email me and I will send you a link to buy it directly through paypal for instant download until the iTunes/Amazon issue is resolved. Alternatively if you buy the album on CD and email to let me know, I will send you the MP3 version for free via email to enjoy while you wait for the CD to be shipped. Don’t forget all CDs come with a free bonus disc of unreleased music that didn’t make it onto the album.

Limited number of CDs – Plus free Bonus disc included

Only 70 CDs have been produced, for those loyal fans who prefer owning your albums as physical objects with all the nice artwork, so your grandkids can ask what this weird plastic thing is?! All CDs will come with a bonus disc full of unreleased work that never made it onto the album.

Order your copy from

$11.99 CAD + Shipping and Packaging
Shipping to Canada/USA $2.99 CAD
Shipping Worldwide $6.99 CAD

Release of Eucalyptus Tree from Reuben Halsey

Reuben Halsey - Eucalyptus TreeHello Fine Mailing Listers and a Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a nice Holiday Season and are set for another year to swoosh by. Is it just me or does time speed up dramatically the older we get?!

I bring you news – news of the kind that begins with ‘the’, ends with ‘bum’ and has an ‘al’ in the middle. Yes, the album is making its way to your delicate ears in the very near future. And we even have a release date now! Get out your diaries and mark down February 13th because that’s when Eucalyptus Tree will be hitting the stores. I’ve literally crammed in as many tracks that will fit onto a CD with no room to spare to give you the most varied listening experience possible and make it a great value release. With 16 tracks with everything from orchestral to dark electro-breakbeat there should be something for everyone.

You can hear a new sneak peek of one of the tracks here:

The album will mainly be available through iTunes and Amazon MP3 as a digital download. I know some people still prefer CDs but due to production costs there will only be a very limited edition of CDs available for this release.

The CDs will also be shipped with some free goodies! I look forward to the release on February 13th and hearing what you think of the new tunes!

Have a great week and keep it locked on Chill!