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MORTAL-LONGING-single-coverIt is with much regret that I mention that producer and composer Justin Elswick, of the American electronic music recording project known as Sleepthief, has announced on Twitter and Facebook that the project is going on “hiatus indefinitely”.

We certainly hope that all is well with Justin and that maybe he has just hit a case of artist frustration, but do understand the need for a vacation from things sometimes.

Justin – we’ll be anxiously awaiting any news and are behind you whatever the future holds for you and Sleepthief.

In the meantime, if you haven’t check out the work of Justin, make sure to visit him for the latest news and also support our artists by purchasing their works. You will not be disappointed!

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JUST RELEASED: Sleepthief’s Mortal Longing

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MORTAL-LONGING-single-coverI’m really excited to announce the latest single release from Justin Elswick’s Sleepthief project – “Mortal Longing” featuring the angelic voice of Jody Quine. It’s been three long years since his Labyrinthine Heart was released in 2009.

The “Mortal Longing” release is a cinematic and poignant track about human desire and is accompanied by a stunning video filmed in the famous landscape of Utah’s Goblin Valley and Capital Reef. The video has been released today, June 4th. The single will be released on June 11th and will feature three additional remixes from Blue Stone, DJ Mikel and Psychomatic) “Mortal Longing” is the first song from the forthcoming eight track EP to be released in Fall 2012. The new EP, also titled Mortal Longing,  will feature additional collaborations with Kirsty Hawkshaw, Kristy Thisk, Coury Palermo, Carla Werner, Suzanne Perry, and Sonja Draklulich of Stellamara.

Sleepthief is the musical project of composer Justin Elswick. By infusing elements of elecronica, classical, pop and world music into compositions and then pairing the compositions with some of th emost respected vocalists in the dance and electronic genres, Sleepthief has created a voibrant hybrid of sound that is epic and intimate.

Both of Sleepthief’s prior albums – The Dawnseeker and Labyrinthine Heart – settled in the top 10 on iTunes’ and Amazon’s electronic charts.

Sleepthief’s tracks have featured collaborations with Kirsty Hawkshaw(BT, Tiesto), Jody Quine (Balligomingo), Kristy Thirsk (Delerium, Matt Darey), Caroline Lavelle (BT, Vangelis), Roberts Carter Harrison (Wild Strawberries, ATB), Coury Palermo (Morgan Page, Lynden), Zoë Johnston (Above & Beyond, Faithless) Joanna Stevens (Solar Twins, Carmen Rizzo), Nicola Hitchcock (Mandalay, Hector Zazao), Harland (Pole Folder, Loverush UK!), Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape) and others.

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Latest Video Trailer from @Sleepthiefmusic and @jodyquine

If you are following our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter, you have already seen our posts this morning on the latest video trailer collaboration from Sleepthief and Jody Quine. If you haven’t heard, check it out here:

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Sleepthief Christmas Track: "Tollite Hostias"

Justin Elswick has released a special Christmas track as a free download. Justin is a great artist and be sure to visit his pages, as well as check out his music as Sleepthief.

“This is a variation of the choral piece “Tollite Hostias,” which is part of the the CHRISTMAS ORATORIO by French composer, Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. For this version, I added a vocalise intro, and a 4-measure phrase (“Benedicamus, Gloria Filio”) which is not in the original. Also, I decided to have a single soprano voice (provided by the incredible Lauralyn Curtis) sing the piece.

The Latin words are based on Psalm 95 (96):9-13: 
Tollite hostias, et adorate Dominum in atrio sancto ejus. Benedicamus, Gloria Filio. Laetentur coeli, et exultet terra facie Domini, quoniam venit. Alleluia.

Bring offerings and worship the Lord in his holy habitation. Let us bless [and give glory to) the Son. Let the heavens rejoice and the earth exult in the presence of the Lord, for he comes. Hallelujah.”

Tollite Hostias by SLEEPTHIEF

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Justin Elswick Hosting Radio Show TODAY

Visit www.strangewaysradio.com at 2 pm EASTERN (11 a.m. PACIFIC, noon MOUNTAIN and 1 pm CENTRAL) today for this week’s show hosted by Justin Elswick of Sleepthief. Some great new music to play. Join the live chat too!

New Sleepthief Release!

Just received word of Sleepthief’s latest release “Labyrinthe Heart.”

The full tracklist is as follows:
1. Here I Confess 4:26
2. World Gone Crazy 3:53
3. Skimming Stones 3:48
4. Labyrinthine Heart 4:07
5. A Kind of Magic 4:02
6. A Cut from the Fight 3:50
7. Rainy World 5:10
8. Ariadne (The Dividing Sea) 3:48
9. Reason Why 4:25
10. Fire King 3:28
11. Reversals 4:00
12. There’s Something Going On 4:33

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Also, stay tuned for their new website update at www.sleepthiefmusic.com.