Tyraelforce – Chillout Sounds & Voices Vol 19

I sampled Tyraelforce’s work on his episode of the Christmas Chill Marathon hosted on DI.FM. Since that time, I have enjoyed catching up with much of his work as he has teamed up most recently with many of DI.FM’s regular DJ’s including Reuben Halsey and with this episode, Martin Grey. Hopefully, he’ll be hosting his own show soon.

Release Info

Artist: Tyraelforce
Title: Chillout Sounds & Voices Vol 19
File size: 137.4 Mb
Duration: 60:02 min
Quality: 320 kbps
Recorded: 24 April 2011
Published: 25 April 2011

Track Info

Hour 2
01. Jane Maximova – Skiff (Part 2) (Aspecta Remix)
02. Richard Bonnee – Reflecting (Original Mix)
03. Martian – Goodbye
04. Zero-Project – Distant thoughts
05. Late Night Alumni – This Is Why
06. The Ocean Is Like A Mirror – We Are Reflection (Original)
07. Frank Borell – Wellness Feeling At St. Tropez
08. Thierry David – Scene Through the Mist
09. Taigherwuds – April 13
10. Circle – Part III
11. Afternova – Serenity (Andy Blueman Orchestra Remix)

Download Information

Download Tyraelforce Chillout Sounds and Voices Vol 19

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